This manual contains information on how to use JIRA, the issue tracking and project Different organisations use JIRA to track different kinds of issues. In this blogpost you’ll find the comprehensive Jira guide for users. This Jira tutorial will cover The Manual for Jira Dashboards. What is a Jira. User Manual. One of the main goal of the plugin is having as little affect on your JIRA instance as possible. Some day if you decide to uninstall the plugin you.

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As well as viewing Issues by Project, you can also find them via search. However, there are a lot of other items that it can be extremely useful to add to your dashboard.

Agile Board It allows the team to see the progress of sprints. Similarly, there is a Default Permission Scheme any new project that are created will be assigned to this scheme.

Additional stages might include Reopened jobs sent back for revision and Closed jobs that no longer need to be done.

Likewise, you have resolutions and priorities, in resolution greenhopper again tells about the progress of issue like Fixed, Won’t fix, Duplicate, Incomplete, Cannot reproduce, Done also you can set the priorities of the issue whether an issue is critical, major, minor, blocker and Trivial. You can set the priority of the Issue, indicating how important it is.

Any suggestions would be most helpful, even if I have to yreenhopper myself.

Permission Schemes allow you to create a set of permissions and apply this set of permission to any project. You can also use different chart option to represent the progress of your project. Plan mode displays all the user stories created for the project.

Check out the documentation for the latest version here: Jira is a self-hosted project management tool developed by Atlassian. If documentation is going to take awhile seems to have been in request for over a year now can we at least get an explanation of how to add a filter? The documentation is available online and will be updated with each release.


JIRA Agile Documentation

So it’s back to Inspect Element and read the source. Keyboard shortcuts can offer a powerful way to accelerate your use of JIRA — and you can complete whole Projects without using a mouse. Once the issue is created a pop-up will appear on your screen saying your issue is created successfully as shown in the screen shot below Now if you want to edit an issue or you want to export the issue to XML or Word document, then you can hover your mouse on main panel and click on Issues.

Under the time tracking option, you can even see the estimation time to resolve the issues In the same window, you can set a filter for the issue and save them under Favorite Filtersso when you want to search or view a particular issue you can locate it using the filter. To share filters, click on Find Filters on the search page. Jira offers a very dynamic toolset straight out of the box.

It may seem a little daunting at first, compared to products like Trello or Asana, it comes with a lot more power and functionality packed in.

Greenhopper (JIRA Agile) REST API documentation

Note, feature parity does not exist between the private and public REST APIs, and we cannot promise that there will be feature parity in future. To specify a filter to only display Issues assigned to the user joebloggs. What is Scalability testing?

I’ve run across the same problem. I’m looking for any Greenhopper rest api documentation that tells me the available URI’s I can interface with to get data out of our system.

I see in the response there’s an “activeFilters” response, but I’ve tried putting jql, filter, quickFilter, etc into the request with no success. Linking Issues enables you to define relationships between them — for example, identifying one Issue as being blocked by another, being a duplicate of another or being related to another. Follow this and then click New Subscriptions. Suggest an answer Log in or Sign up to answer.

Learn more about AUGs. Pietro Schaff [Atlassian] May 05, Anthony Anderson Oct 21, In column management, we can add an additional column as per our requirement likewise there are different features that you can configure in board.


JIRA Tutorial: A Complete Guide for Beginners

And what they have lined up next. These states can be selected from the tabs at the top of the screen when editing an Issue. In the upper left you select the plugin you want to browse and it lists its API. You can export information from the Jira search page by simply clicking the Export button in the top right of the screen.

Watch list JIRA allows you to watch a particular issue, which tells you about the notifications of any updates relating to that issue.

In default issue type scheme all newly created issues will be added automatically to this scheme Agile Scrum Issue Type Scheme: Anything else you would like us to cover in this guide?

We have a couple of pages available on developer. From here, you can perform multiple tasks like you can stop the progress on issues, edit the issues, comment on the issues, assigning issues and so on Even you can export issue details to a XML or Word document.

Was there anything I left out?

Python JIRA — jira-python dev44 documentation

JIRA Issues are classified under various forms like new feature, sub-task, bug, etc. What is Data Driven Testing? You can use the left-hand side menu to decide the basis on which the issues need to be displayed. Conditions control who can perform a transition Validators: However, if there are several discrete steps to completing a task, then it may be useful to define them just like you would find several steps to completing a recipe.

Atlassian Community logo Explore. Luc, for Nuum Solutions. Michael Nassette Atlassian Team Oct 21, Matt Doar [ServiceRocket] Jan 15, This will email the user a greenhopped to the issue. The basic use of this tool is to track issue and bugs related to your software and Mobile apps.