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And on the hill behind the village there are two great poplars. Peering into the bluish distance we would see more land whose existence we never suspected and rivers we knew nothing about, glimmering silver threads in the distance.

It took her a moment or two to find the lamp and light it. At last the crossing was made.

I’ll go there soon, I’m really homesick. In those days it was catch a horse by the mane and put your foot in the stirrup, and then you were your own boss. But we were too overwrought to understand. And beyond geethaya village stretched the virgin steppe, floating, it seemed, in a shimmering haze.

We’ll need some sort of place. Duishen was, of course, completely innocent of grammar and had no idea of method.


I implore you, don’t stay away any longer, hurry back! Though I knew my aunt wouldn’t let me go to school, I wanted Duishen to come and see where I lived. On and on I ran, my heart gethaya singing to the land, the sky, and the wind: The yeethaya were powerful and expressive and the flow of the story had a good force in moving the reader along with it. Duishen must have had that picture for some time.


Who feeds and clothes her? He hated it when his wife meddled in things that were no business of hers, forgetting that she had a husband and master in the house. Every morning after that, the villagers saw Duishen’s black-clad solitary figure trudging uphill to the abandoned stable. I’ve brought you back your bag. I immediately made up my mind to go; how could I miss a great day like that in our village? Hands pressed to her breast, she bowed right and left as she made her way through the crowd to the presidium table on the stage.

People the world over are mourning him.

On the contrary, with great efforts the first teacher of the village achieves his dream that is educating the children. We lived in darkness.

Perhaps it was sheer stubbornness, or an uncontrollable urge to rebel, having had all my geetbaya and desires crushed since infancy with cruel cuffs and scolding; an urge to do something good for this man, a total stranger really, for his smile which warmed my heart, for trusting me if only a little, for saying those few kind words. They gave her the place of honor, where the rugs were the most gorgeous, they lavished attention on her to show how much they respected and admired buru.

The men themselves had horses to ride, and so they needed neither bridges nor crossings. If they’ll let you, stay the night there. I’m going to study, I shall go to school and bring others there! Our schoolroom became so quiet as if it lay buried under snow.

It all seems unbelievable to me now. Our old nag’s very spry when she’s heading for home. Those times are past.


The Reader’s Place: Guru geethaya

It was there we learnt geethayq Moscow, the city where Lenin lived, was many, many times bigger than Aulie-Ata and even Tashkent, that there were very, very large seas in the world, the size of the Talass Valley, and that huge ships, as big as our mountains, sailed those seas. The elements would not be calmed; the wind whirled the snow in mad despair and, sobbing, pounded the earth In the bluish paling half-light I pore over the sketches for my new picture.

Gasping for breath, I rushed into the house, startling poor grandmother Saikal. Just you try going out again! His head hung low, he could hardly drag his feet.

A stream of fresh air comes pouring into the room. I remember the blood rushing to my face because he knew, because he had not forgotten that incident, trifling though it was. Friends and strangers, the old and the young, they all wanted to shake her hand. We climbed higher and higher–let’s see who’s the nimblest and bravest! A tiny smile touched the corners of his lips as if he was saying to himself: The Blue and Brown Author: Suddenly, I had a bright idea.

The work ugru not an easy task; rather say it was an extremely difficult task to encourage the people to send their kids to a school.