Determined to save Buddhism in Burma, Ledi Sayadaw spread the teachings of the Abhidharma and introduced thousands of people to. Ledi Sayadaw – The Venerable Ledi Sayadaw was born in in Saing-pyin village, Dipeyin township, in the Shwebo district (currently Monywa district) of. The Advantages of Realizing the Doctrine of Anatta, by Ledi Sayadaw: (From the anthology: The Three Basic Facts of Existence: III. Egolessness (Anatta), with a.

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He was also awarded a Doctorate of Literature from the University of Rangoon.

The title Sayadaw means “venerable teacher. Bhikkhu Nana-dhaja was the only one who was able to answer all the questions satisfactorily.

There he meditated most of the time and taught the other bhikkhus. Because of ldei ubiquitous monastery schools, Burma has traditionally maintained a very high rate of literacy.

During the time of his studies in Mandalay King Min Don Min sponsored the Fifth Council, calling bhikkhus from far and wide to recite and purify the Tipitika.

Ledi Sayadaw was first visited by U Po Thet who learned Vipassana from him and subsequently became one of the most well-known lay meditation teachers in Burma, and the teacher of Sayagyi U Ba KhinGoenkaji ‘s teacher. Sayadaw began his studies at age led in Mandalay at Thanjaun. By his reputation both as a scholar and meditation master had grown to such an extent that the British government of India, which also ruled Burma, conferred on sayadqw the title of Aggamaha-pandita foremost great scholar.

Bhikkhu Nana-dhaja was the only one who was able to answer all the questions satisfactorily. He said he wanted to write in such a way that even a simple farmer could understand.

At the age of seventy-three he went blind and devoted the remaining years of his life exclusively to meditation and teaching meditation. At the age of twenty, on 20 Aprilsayaddaw took the higher ordination to become a bhikkhu under his old teacher U Nanda-dhaja Sayadaw, who became sayavaw preceptor one who gives the precepts. It proved to be an appropriate name, since young Maung Tet Khaung, indeed, climbed to the summit in all his endeavors. Mandalay was the royal capital of Sxyadaw at that time, during the rule of King Min Don Sayqdaw who ruledand sqyadaw the most important centre of learning in the country.


In his travels around Burma Ledi Sayadaw also discouraged the use of cow meat. It is said that one of the main reasons that Monywa grew to be a larger town, as it is today, was because so many people were attracted there to Ledi Sayadaw’s monastery. Venerable Ledi Sayadaw is an invaluable link in the chain of teachers that preserved Vipassana in its pristine purity in Myamnar.

While he was teaching Pali to the bhikkhus and samaneras at Monywa, his habit was to come to town during the day for his teaching duties.

Vipassana Meditation: Ven Ledi Sayadaw

San-Kyaung Sayadaw gave an examination of twenty questions for two thousand students. At the age of eight he began to study with his first teacher, U Nanda-dhaja Sayadaw, and he ordained as a samanera novice under the same Sayadaw at the age of fifteen. May all beings be happy! The young Maung Tet Khaung was very bright and eager to learn, so he readily agreed to this suggestion.

Ledi Sayadaw

He realized that besides bhikkhus, good lay teachers would need to be developed for the spread of Dhamma. Ledi Sayadaw was perhaps the most outstanding Buddhist figure of his age. He died in at the age of seventy-seven at Pyinmana, between Mandalay and Rangoon now Yangonin one of many monasteries that had been founded in his name as lexi result of his travels and teaching all over Burma.

He went on to learn the technique of Vipassana still being taught in the caves of the Sagaing Hills; and after mastering the technique, he began to teach it to others.


Vipassana Meditation as taught by S. His followers started many associations which promoted the learning of Abhidhamma by using sayadaaw book. The young Maung Tet Khaung was very bright and eager to learn, so he readily agreed to this suggestion. He was Goenkaji’s teacher and also an outstanding civil servant of Burma. He was recognized from a young age as being developed in both the theory Abhidharma and practice of Buddhism and so was revered as being scholarly.

Dhamma e-Book written by Maha Thera Ledi Sayadaw U Nyana Daza

In addition to this most important aspect of his teaching, his concise, clear and extensive scholarly work served to clarify the experiential aspect of Dhamma. Later, he also wrote many books on Dhamma in Burmese. For example, leei wrote the Paticca-samuppada Dipani in two days while travelling by boat from Mandalay to Prome. Although he trained some bhikkhus to teach, he also established a lay farmer named Saya Thetgyi as a teacher.

Ven Ledi Sayadaw

When he had been in the Ledi forest monastery for over ten years his main scholastic works began to be published. In the Manuals of Buddhism there are seventy-six manuals dipaniscommentaries, essays, and so on, listed under his authorship, but this is not a complete list of his works. My teachers were very wise; with sayaeaw boundless love and compassion, they saved me. During this time, the Ven. But I was more fortunate in that I became a samanera again.

The next year,Ven.

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