University of Newcastle upon Tyne Intl. Summer School Creative Writing: North of Where? Commentary on the power of Symbolism in Tayeb Salih’s story:” . The short story A Handful of Dates, by Tayeb Salih uses many different themes and literary techniques to tell a story of an innocent young boy discovering life’s. A Handful of Dates By: Tayeb Salih. This story is about a young boy whos looks up to his grandfather as a god. They are muslim which means.

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Masood had told everyone to be careful not to cut the heart of the palm.

A Handful of Dates by Tayeb Salih

The local setting that represents village life in its casual form is the preferred domain for almost all Tayeb Salih’s writings.

Sometimes his attention would be caught by the sound of a huge clump of dates crashing down from on high. Do you see all those date palms? As mentioned above, emotional vomiting the ill-gained product dates was the only symbolic means the boy- witness of the exploitation incident- afforded to dispose of to express his disapproval and resentment limited resistance salib an ominous powerlessness to reactmeanwhile the braying of donkeys and the palm trees’ weeping are symbolic aesthetic referents to the soar reaction of natural elements.

Shahd September 28, 8: For sates unknown reason, I experienced a sharp sensation of pain in my chest. I add hndful too.

A Handful of Dates by Tayeb Salih by Nancy Nguyen on Prezi

He described his grandfather as a very tall person that has a white, soft as cotton beard. I remembered Masood’s singing, his beautiful voice and powerful laugh that resembled the gurgling of water.

University of Newcastle upon Tyne Intl. He ran right to the river and threw up all the dates he had just eaten into the river. Dattes April 8, at 8: I said to him: He loved his grandfather because he was the only person who understood him and also bg little boy was his favourite grandson.


I do not think that the boy will forgive his grandfather. He wants all the land and he knows in time he will get it too.

Directly we finished our Koran reading in the morning I would throw down my wooden slate and dart off, quick as a genie, to my mother, hurriedly swallow down my breakfast, and run off for a plunge in the river.

Finally, at the river bank he threw up the dates that he ate, in the river that was once so pure for him. The grandfather treated Masood so badly and accuses him of being a worthless man as he is an ” indolent” man. Log In Sign Up. Would it seem like he is a completely different person? I made the quick calculation that Masood must have married some ninety women. It is as though his position rates the village is so lowly that nobody needs to heed what he says.

It is as though the narrator is coming of age. I felt at that moment that I hated him. He’s an indolent man and Salij don’t like such people.

The protagonist of the story, the boy, is presented in such a way as to imply his uniqueness in behaviors. Harpuneet Uandful February 27, at 5: My grandfather gave me a fistful, dqtes I began munching.

I have an assignment to search for a story that has a similar theme and male comparison and analysis between them,but i cant find one. Yes, I used to love the mosque, and I loved the river, too. You miss life if your hold a grudge towards someone.

The end of the story is also interesting as the connection that the narrator felt with his grandfather has been transferred to Masood. A side he may not necessarily like. Nikita April 8, at 2: In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. You can notice the difference in the child’s attitude towards his grandfather when in the end he goes and throws up in the same river he used to identify his grandfather as. While looking straight ahead he saw Masood coming hxndful them to ask whether they wanted to ot the harvesting.


The story tells us that he uses to wait to the time when his neighbour Masood is under severe financial pressure to buy land for cheap from him technique and is planning for getting hold of the remaining sum of Masood’s land strategy.

My grandfather, however, jumped to his feet and I saw that his eyes sparkled momentarily with an intense brightness. No one paid any attention to what he said and the boy seated at the very summit of the date palm continued, quickly and energetically, to work saih at the branch with his sickle till the clump of dates began to drop like something descending from the heavens.

He was mad at the way he had treated Masood. Narrated in tayeg first person by a man looking back at an incident when he was a child the reader realises after reading the story that Salih may be exploring the theme of connection. I felt myself drawing close to Masood, felt my hand stretch out toward him as though I wanted to touch the hem of his garment.

If anything the narrator may feel as though he has ealih in common with Masood who he likes than he does with his grandfather.

Greed and ill-natured will of carrying on exploiting others through possessing the land in its entirety is apparent in the grandfather’s materialist prediction: Cite Post McManus, Dermot. One day he asked something to his grandfather about Masood their neighbour. So the grandfather and the boy went to harvest dates.

I, however, had begun to think about Masood’s phrase, the heart of the palm.

Ally Gilmour April 7, at 5: This is- evidently- not the case with Masood.

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