Biographie. Abdulai Sila was born in Catió, a small town in the south of Guinea- Bissau. He currently lives in the capital city Bissau and combines ICT work with. installment, we’ll be discussing The Ultimate Tragedy, by Abdulai Sila (Novel, Guinea Bissau). The first novel to be translated into English from Guinea Bissau, . : The Ultimate Tragedy (Dedalus Africa) (): Abdulai Sila, Jethro Soutar: Books.

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When I opened the email, my excitement grew. The idea-led quality of much of the narrative may make the book sound dry, but that is not the case. Lillian Whiting rated it it was slia Jul 28, The story felt a bit disjointed at times, with various gaps that could have been better fille Read for work book club.

Refresh and try again. The translation is fairly smooth, but a number of words and concepts are left untranslated, and these are not always immediately obvious from context; most of these words appear to be from a local African language and were probably untranslated in the Portuguese original too, but a glossary would help foreign readers understand the references to local culture better.

I figure Ndani was nuts. I feel that this could be rectified with a simple glossary, hence why I am not really marking this book down for this. The story is kind of a mess, unfortunately.

L’ultime tragédie

Virginie rated it really liked it Jul 10, I found myself wishing this book had been edited differently. I really enjoyed wila characters in this one, especially the chief though found the narratives on his musings about thinking to be a bit long abbdulai.

Translator Southar has done deft work to encourage the learning process that this text demands. The translation is a bit clunky, but I think the characterization and themes come across very well despite this flaw. In practice, however, the narrative brings in the stories and perspectives of a number of different characters who Ndani encounters and there are long stretches where we hear nothing about her at all.


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Paul O’Mahony rated it really liked it Nov 08, It’s raw and pointed about the silx injustices committed under colonialism, but also wry and even funny in places. I really enjoyed this one. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Avdulai tragedy that does ultimately affect the protagonist is a much more diffuse and meandering affair than many of us might be used to seeing in novels — certainly novels written in English.

There were several Portuguese words that were left in the Portuguese that really needed some kind of definition or explanation, even if the translator had to do it in a footnote. Not for the faint of heart.

Several Portuguese words, however, were left that had an obvious English translation, and it was unclear to me why the translator did not translate that word. Inthis book apparently became the first novel though more of a novella really, clocking in around pages from Guinea-Bissau to be translated into English.

Marilia Barros rated it liked it Jul 30, But nor should they. Jasmina Bide rated it it was amazing Aug 30, The story felt a bit disjointed at times, with various gaps that could have been better filled, but overall I really liked the story telling and how every character came together by fate or coincidence. Throughout the book the themes of segregation and racism are prominent, which I feel added an emotional touch to the book.

Read for work book club. Ian rated it it was ok Jan 12, Hearing about new translations coming from nations that are underrepresented in the English-language literary world is always exciting. This book is interesting, although I wish it had been structured differently, slla at least edited so that the sections were more clearly delineated.

Echos des Südatlantiks – Abdulai Sila – Goethe-Institut Brasilien

Ligia Barros rated it really liked it Jul 16, Primata Fortes rated it it was amazing Jul 01, It’s raw and pointed about the great injustices committed under colonialism, but al This is a shiningly brilliant book. I’d recommend to anyone wanting abdullai diversify their bookshelf or just wanting to learn more about this little-known and little-seen corner of the world.


Instead, I was just mostly confused. My main complaints however are not with the abdjlai itself but with the translation, which often left words from the original Portuguese, untranslated and unexplained.

Camila Biel rated it liked it Feb 17, Efemia rated it it was ok Jan 05, This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The problem, you come to realise, is not with the writing, as you might have first thought a common knee-jerk reaction to the unfamiliar that we literary explorers must always be careful to interrogate.

It is divided into three distinct parts: Poole rated it it was amazing Jan 23, Would I be interested in seeing an advance copy? Camila Navarro rated it it was amazing Oct 13, The book begins with a teenage girl, Ndani, traveling from her village to the capital city, Bissau, with hopes of becoming a domestic servant in a Portuguese home. It makes sense why the translator left those words in Portuguese as there is probably no good English word to use instead.

This is a shiningly brilliant book. The stories come together when the chief marries Ndani who has somehow learned abeulai be a great lady by being a housegirl, yet is somehow the only such woman available even though the earlier chapters show that there are plenty of housegirls, and Ndani is not the brightest sbdulai on the tree.