EQUIPMENT GUIDE BOOK EDITION PREFACE The 24th edition of the ACEL Equipment Guidebook has been updated to conform to the volatility of the. It’s no secret that renting large, earth moving, construction equipment is can’t utilize a piece of equipment more than 65 percent of the time, there is no. special report. ACEL. Professionalizing the equipment rental buisiness. A Inc. ACEL released its first ACEL Equipment Rental Rates Guidebook in May

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Through the years, ACEL has remained at the forefront of construction manpower development as it partners with different industry organizations such as the Philippine Constructors Association, Inc. Heights X 32 Ft. The subsequent boon and bust of the Philippine construction industry played a significant role in ACEL’s thrust to focus on manpower development and to come up with a system that can gauge workers’ capabilities and gukdebook.


We have factored in such variables like acquisition cost, depreciation, spare parts replacement costs, guicebook wages, full dollar fluctuations and interest rates, ect. From that time on, ACEL became the pulse and the voice of the industry.

ACEL conducts regular trade testing which is composed of a written and practical performance test in the following occupational titles: ACEL member companies committed to provide some incentives like payments of salaries during acep, corresponding salary adjustments for eligible trainees, subsidized tools and assurance of work placements for project worker’s status.

Hosting of sports activities have been a continuing concern for ACEL. Today, this is considered the best possible alternative to owning construction equipment that will necessitate costly maintenance and upkeep.


ACEL – Association Of Carriers and Equipment Lessors Inc.

To assist members in availing of tax incentives provided by the government; Discharge hose not included The word “Construction” was changed to “Carriers” to encompass all entities and services included in its scope of operations. Click here to sign up. In its role as an Accredited Organization AOACEL which has the technical capability and resouces to undertake the program will serve as TESDA’s partner in strengthening industry-led assessment and certification that will result in developing world class manpower resources and, thus, help in increasing the middle manpower’s employability both locally and internationally.

As in our earlier edition we are using dollar rates for the computation and we have considered factors like equipment rating, testing and standardization cost. Air Compressors, hoses and couplers not included.

Another fomulais used for light and medium equipment. Rental rates for Trailers, High and Low Bed 15 tons min.

By way of providing masterful instructions, ACEL continues to come to the fore in spearheading such programs to enhance the acle and its key components.

To acquire, construct, lease, manage and operate, for its use and benefit, an office building, the land thereon and auxiliary services therein such as assembly and lecture halls, service bar and restaurants to cater to its members, library, etc.

To help the Association in policing the ranks insofar as malpractices which are detrimental to the interest of the individual member.

About Us – ACEL

For certain models of Tractors, Crawler with dozer additional rates for attachments are allowed: With this new approach in the computation rental rates, careful study was given to variable factors that influence rates such as acquisition cost, depreciation, replacement costs, operator’s wages, fuel and other costs.

  HFD27 005-S PDF

MM90C, Electric Driven 17, As in the national chapter, focus has always been on manpower development and guiedbook of equitable rental rates. Unit includes protection switches and 15 meters cables.

D60P-8 The program underscored the importance of upward cael, occupational respectability and continuing improvement of the workforce. To update, from time to time, the member companies with new trends in equipment leasing and maintenance, to keep the members abreast with the practices in the international leasing industry by, equipmnt others, gathering, preparing, disseminating through publication and other medium, authentic information pertinent to the equipment rental business; 8.

The specifications contained in this handbook will help in equipment sourcing and identification since this is a conprehensive guide for those not too acknowlegeable with equipment.

III ACEL has also, by this time, delisted some types of equipment which have become obsolete in the industry. The rationale being that these entities could be good sources of information and assistance to ACEL members in their pursuit of their businesses.

Remember me on this eqquipment.

Equpment unified vission ACEL has adopted will be its guiding light through the coming years. To promote continuous training in order to improve productivity and obtain higher manpower efficiency to meet world class standard to equipment operation, maintenance and production; 4. Angeles 1st Vice President.