Elective Affinities was written when Goethe was sixty and long established as Após a leitura de “As Afinidades Eletivas”, escrita em , ocorreu-me. O artigo busca mostrar a aplicabilidade do conceito de “afinidades eletivas” para menos definidos: 1º) as Afinidades eletivas; título de um romance de Goethe. A obra em questão é o romance “Die Wahlverwandschaften” (As Afinidades Eletivas)4 de Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ( – ) publicado em na .

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Elective Affinities – Wikipedia

The xfinidades page of the first edition. The four companions debate whether human relationships result from some predetermined sequence of events i. Others maintain that it is about free choice. No trivia or quizzes yet. Revista Brasileira de Economiav.

The title is taken from a scientific term once used to describe the tendency of chemical species to combine with certain substances or species in preference to others. Primeiro volumeEdUNB: In the beginning, there are two pairs of lovers, but somewhere along the way it feels like Goethe drops Charlotte and the Captain for Edvard and Ottilie’s star-crossed love story.

Some argue that it suggests a gofthe of ainidades that is rooted in fate. Renan Virginio marked it as to-read Apr 07, Wikisource has the text of the New International Encyclopedia article Wahlverwandtschaften.

Elective Affinities

Goethe’s other well-known literary works include h Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a German writer. The motivations and A proper analysis of this book can only be executed by readers with a thorough knowledge of early 19th-century literary tropes and gender roles.

If you’re willing to accept the crazy of the period as a given and treat it as the point of the book, rather than its detriment, it’s really very good, in all. This is a new edition of his penetrating study of marriage and passion, bringing together four people in an inexorable manner.

Goethe was sixty when eletivae wrote it, though, and one thing I did note was a preoccupation with death and memorialisation and legacy. If Goethe has any opinion about the real significance and proper solution of the painful tangle of emotions in this story, he expresses it only indirectly; like most of the best novelists, he raises more questions than he answers.


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Goethe e as afinidades eletivas: Ciências e letras e o espírito humano: uma síntese gratuita?

The novel is based on the metaphor of human passions being governed or regulated by the laws of chemical affinityand examines whether or not the science and laws of chemistry undermine or uphold the institution of marriageas well as other human social relations.

Guai a colui che, dalle circostanze o dall’illusione, viene indotto ad aggrapparsi al futuro o al passato! The chapter begins with description of the affinity map reaction map or ‘topographical chart’ as Goethe calls it.

Paulo Levi marked it as to-read Nov 13, The consequences are many, and in different directions, corresponding to each character involved. Lives are ruined and lost because of natural eletvas that, while causing appropriate emotional stress, should never result afiniddes the maudlin outcomes depicted here. Bryant Crowe added it Jan 22, Preview — Ensaios reunidos by Walter Eletivaz. I found myself pitying Ottilie rather than being annoyed by her submissiveness in any case, there’s more to her than submissiveness ; and Charlotte struck me as one of the most likable I read this beautiful novel in German.

Buenos Aires, sem ano; no original: No original Goethe descreve: Elective Affinities comprises the exploration of a simple conceit — that human relationships are governed by forces similar to those acting in chemical reactions — executed meticulously and gloriously. To ask other readers questions about Elective Affinitiesplease sign up. Goethe’s other well-known literary works include his numerous poems, the Bildungsroman Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship and the epistolary novel The Sorrows of Young Werther.

Ensaios reunidos: escritos sobre Goethe by Walter Benjamin

For me, I think Charlotte deserves more, because she’s the one who has to keep everything together when her husband disappears to war, the Captain is away and perhaps even getting married, and her daughter seems to be an incredibly spoiled and annoying young lady.


She’s not an anachronistic feminist, but rather a self-possessed person whose experience of life has contributed to her good sense; at one point she gently but firmly rebuts a man who’s made some generality about women. So from the depths of my own despair after slogging through it, I salute you, imaginative and stylish narrator! The novel goetne impeccably structured and paced, and has some of the most perfect characterizations I’ve read.

It tells the story of Eduard and Charlotte, who live happily, both in a second marriage, on their extensive country property. Coffins and overdramatised funerals are just so much better.

George added it Sep 03, A montanha ardente ‘ Der Brennende Berg’: Another thing I found very interesting in the novel was its treatment of place. Beautiful passages, interesting look at marriage and love. One of the authors [RH] has a fond remembrance of the closest model he has seen for molecular collisions and reaction kinetics. Ensayos sobre la Teoria Marxista del Valor.

I simply could not understand why a happy couple would want to willingly conduct such an evil experiment.

Dobbs, The Foundation of Newton’s Alchemyalso examined the role of the “mediator” by which two substances are made “sociable”; we may recall here the importance of the mediator in Goethe’s Elective Affinities Engl. For the modern reader, the term of Elective Affinities could be understood as a condition, which is open to emotions and romances. Teoria sobre la Plusvalia.

Others believe that the chemical theory is merely a structural device that allows the author to foreshadow events in the novel and bears no relevance to the greater issues of the novel. I just wish that Goethe hadn’t chosen afinicades write about characters that managed to both annoy and bore me.