Hi MSP, need a robust backup software for backing up your clients’ VMware, Hyper-V, Office mail, Exchange, SQL etc. to your datacenter storage or public . Find out what users are saying about Ahsay Cloud Backup Suite. Read user Ahsay Cloud Backup Suite reviews, pricing information and what features it offers . Find out what users are saying about AhsayCBS. Read user AhsayCBS reviews, pricing information and what features it offers.

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Ahsay Meter Pricing Calculator

The whole solution is with server-client architecture. Over the past few years, the quality and reliability of their software has fluctuated with their versions. Ahsay Systems Corporation Limited. My advice to anyone considering using the software is to tread extremely carefully!

Get personalised recommendations Rate softwares Write reviews. Existing Partner, login to Partner Portal. In addition, Ahsay does not limit the size of data to backup so the price you see will be fixed as the data size of your customer grows, which in turn means you will continually run a more and more profitable business.

We have major enhancements for the sending end of replication in v7 speed of replication, multi-thread to name a fewand so there is a new license type called Pticing Replication in v7 that is a paid license.

Ahsay Backup

Your understanding is not correct. Sales managers are seasoned but I’m sure your impression of their front line sales folks will damage your impression before you get to the Sales management team. Not Likely Extremely Likely. This also means a continually growing cost as your customer grows the size of data to backup. It can empower you to offer secure managed, cloud hosted, prciing on-premises backup service to your business end customers and earn recurring pdicing.


We have not changed our pricing approach in this upgrade from Version 6 to Version 7. The minimum requirement is to have the same number of Redirection Modules as the total number of client side licenses.

You might want to refer to the example towards the end of the page on the calculation. While being a faithful partner with maintenance over the years, they have always said you could update to the latest version of the software.

I have been an Ahsay partner for the last 11 years and have seen many improvements with the product. Partners’ pricibg and market trends are always the prime focus of Ahsay’s development.

AhsayCBS Reviews and Pricing –

It may be because of the holidays but we don’t know, we’re completely in the dark and out of business until they finally respond to us User need to get access to data in the databases instead of an image of the database upon restore. Details of BIaaS can be found here. On the technical side, a physical server can usually support up to 5x VM guests and bear in mind as the number of VM increases, the size of the data also increases.

Additional protection of critical corporate cloud data Unlimited file retention. License fee is also excluded from BIaaS.


However, this offers no resilience. This is why AhsayOBS is not included as part of free upgrade even with valid v6 maintenance. Like I’ve said, I like the fact procing they are just coming up but they are making some big mistake in some aspects such as their documentations and customer service Sign in with LinkedIn. Ahsay Cloud Backup Suite by Ahsay.

Unfortunately, Ahsay is charging just shy of double the agreed upon rate. Without a stable software with new features, our partners will unavoidably suffer and eventually both Ahsay and our partners will lose out in the backup market.

Based on 6 user ratings. The key for a good system is to be reliable, fast, easy to use. Average Ratings 6 Reviews 2. Ahsay Backup Screenshots 3. In the time that I have been using this software I have not found anything xhsay or that it does not work correctly.

Ahsay Meter Pricing Calculator

New Features in Version 7 4. Their product continues to get better with each new version. I can see you have increased your price by quite a bit. Acronis Acronis International GmbH.

If your paid licenses in pficing are under valid maintenance, you just need to purchase one additional AhsayCBS license for each AhsayOBS key you intend to upgrade to v7.

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