We know that communism is the right hypothesis. All those who abandon this hypothesis immediately resign themselves to the market economy. The Communist Hypothesis has ratings and 42 reviews. Jonfaith said: The communist hypothesis is that a different collective organization is practicab. ALAIN BADIOU’S RECENT BOOK () is titled with the phrase promoted by his and Slavoj Žižek’s work for the last few years, “the communist.

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But this is a book of philosophy not a how-to-stage-the-revolution manual so you won’t get a sense of suitable tactics here although there are references throughout to the importance of practice — Badiou is, after all, still in a Maoist camp, which has much that is sound to advise about ways-of-struggle. A Guide to Our Futurethat focus on the present and future.

Defined htpothesis this way, by invariants, identity is doubly related to difference: Or should we see the persistence of such identities as an obstacle? He continues to teach a popular seminar at the Coll Alain Badiou, Ph.

Secondly, my 15 year obsession with Robespierre tye taught me that personifying terrible events leads to over-simplistic, unhelpful interpretations. The Communist Hypothesis by Alain Badiou. History is the narrative of the totality of human experience. Jul 13, Charlie Kruse rated it liked it. It is simply a provisional rule that exists in a particular region of the single world. We must focus on its conditions of existence, rather than just improving its methods.


This is not a reason to give up reading the book, as it contains some interesting and useful explanations for why and how, if a revolution fails, we should stay committed and learn important strategic lessons from this failure.

The price of the supposedly unified world of capital is comkunist brutal division of human existence into regions separated by police dogs, bureaucratic controls, naval patrols, barbed wire and expulsions. The private appropriation of massive fortunes and their transmission by inheritance will disappear.


We will still retain the theoretical and historical lessons that issued from the first sequence, and the centrality of victory that issued from the second. These experiments, and Badiou hypothesjs these three events as a truly political precendents,i. But it is the only possible way forward.

This is exactly the kind of material that filters thinky, introspective kids with exciting ideas out of bbadiou philosophy department in the nation, and leaves only those career hjpothesis who desire nothing more than to get their Masters of Incomprehensible Gobbledy-Gook and P ompous h abitual Diatribing so that they may someday become a department Head of Alienating People Through Verbosity and be alone with their books, their tenure, and their inflated egos.

The last lecture delivers what most would come here to see: And no one is asked to love a law, simply to obey it.

The failure can thus become a positive part of an on-going macro-truth process. The party effectively solved the question inherited from the first sequence: Appeal is made instead to the virtues of hard work, discipline, the family: I can certainly support both the need for an Idea to counter TINA and the utility of examining past mistakes to build a better future. What unites the two is an emphasis on the value of failed experiments in what can broadly be referred to as Communism.

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As always, Badiou has important things to say. We want all possible forms of it banished. The point here is that not only do we need to learn from the Bolshevik’s mistakes, but understand the problems they were trying to avoid that led to those mistakes.

For, Badiou repeats, the state is always, whether socialist or capitalist or whatever, the agent of the finitude of possibility. The first is that of the setting in place of the communist hypothesis; the second, of preliminary attempts at its realization.

The Communist Hypothesis by Alain Badiou

This is not simply hypothedis matter of a momentary encounter with the impossible: But the solution will be neither the formless, or multi-form, popular movement inspired by the intelligence of the multitude—as Negri and the alter-globalists believe—nor the renewed and democratized mass communist party, as some of the Trotskyists and Maoists hope.

Jul 23, Malcolm rated it really liked it Shelves: Vale a pena ler.

That failure of the Idea leaves us with no choice, given the complex of the capitalist organization of production and the state parliamentary system.