Alcad is a leading manufacturer of advanced Ni-Cd batteries delivering long service life, safety and reliability, even in extreme operating conditions. batteries. TV. Reception and Distribution. Produc. Marke. Alcad. P.O. B. Polнgo. PF PF Diameter cm. x 85 x x Mast mount mm. Alcad x LD40P () Alcad Ni-Cd battery · Alcad HCP · Alcad HP AH Obsolete Alcad PF · Alcad M 60P CAPACITY AH/5H/ .

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Recommended device for installations in residential buildings with a large number of channels. It enables the processing of any combination of channels, including adjacent channels with significant level differences. Range of pre-amplifiers for UHF antenna, fed through the coax cable. The distribution takes place in a star pattern using the two amplifier outputs and distributors.

The noise figure is extremely low, so as to amplify signals without loss of quality. Zamak chassis with metal caps. It is not necessary to install individual satellite receivers. We are a large European manufacturer. Individual terrestrial TV or satellite installation. The gain of each amplifier input allows you to adjust the levels of each of the antennas. The device is characterised by its low consumption, making it highly reliable. No need to use a programmer or any special tools.

Channel converter equipment to organise the spectrum as needed.

PF Antena Parabólica Offset cm.

The base of the turret and the cord anchors should be fixed to concrete dies. When you install an ALCAD solution, you are installing European-made products with an assurance of quality and reliability.


The device filters channels with a high degree of selectivity, regulating the channel levels and converting the frequency if necessary.

They have one, two, three, four or five configurable inputs, to amplify and combine the signals from the antennas. Power connection via ribbon cable with pin polarised connectors. Installation with a UHF antenna and with an antenna pre-amplifier; the alcas pre-amplifier is used when the signal level is very low.

Attractive design that perfectly reflects the excellent electrical and mechanical qualities of the antenna. Individual installations with mast amplifier Installation with a UHF antenna and with an antenna pre-amplifier; the antenna pre-amplifier is used when the signal level is very low.

There are also a great variety of mixers and filters for masts that allow the signals from several antennas to be mixed via a single coaxial cable.

Multimedia TV

The cords are fixed to the turret using cable ties and are tightened lacad tensors to ensure the turret is perfectly vertical. Compatible with remote control systems. They incorporate switchable current steps to accept the power of a pre-amplifier. They are fixed to the ground with a turret base, and are reinforced with cords. The assembly of these antennas is very simple, once installed they are very robust and are characterised by great alignment stability.

Products of 1st class European Quality.

Adjusting the attenuators of the equaliser filter equalises the levels of all the channels before amplification, meaning that the intermodulation in the broadband amplifier is reduced and a higher output level is obtained.

This range is the smallest we have ever created; it will fit into any gap in the installation with its xx36 millimeters.

  LEY 13064 PDF

The parabola is mounted on a base, which is fixed to the terrace by metal studs or using a parabolic base embedded in the terrace or in a concrete die. Its most relevant applications are digital and analogue terrestrial TV installations of a communal or individual type, where rejection of the LTE band is necessary and high gain and directivity are required. Areas where analogue channel reception is difficult, with large differences in level between channels and for adjacent channels.

It consists of a feeder and processing modules that are mounted on a support frame. Areas where reception is difficult, with large differences in level between channels.

Complete ZA device where the assembly and module operation methods are indicated. We bring entertainment to the user, by capturing, processing and distributing TV signals over networks with coaxial cables, fibre optics or ethernet IP.

Amplifies and mixes signals arriving from various antennas. Thanks to this, more than 20 million people in more than 40 countries have watched television using ALCAD products. ACCUROrefugium is the unique intercom solution for fire and emergency shelters, public toilets and common areas, “all-in-one”.

Installation of a mast on a roof The masts are mounted using several sections that are fixed to the ground with a tile base, and reinforced with cords. Wide variety of mechanical accessories for the installation of antennas such as turrets, masts, telescopic poles, arms, claws, cables, parabola supports and U-bolts.

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