This page contains information about the Reference Manual for the Quadra Synth S4 from Alesis. Manuals and User Guides for Alesis QuadraSynth S4. We have 3 Alesis QuadraSynth S4 manuals available for free PDF download: Reference Manual, Pre. View and Download Alesis S4 Plus reference manual online. 64 Voice Sound Module. S4 Plus Music Equipment pdf manual download.

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Program in Program Play Mode just as before.

Loading From External Card Program Sound Layers Configuration 2, effect send 1. Store An Effect The “normalized” Synth Voice Doing so will result in recalling a different Program and you will lose your changes.

For more details about the 13 velocity curves, see the illustration on page Basic Audio Hookup How The Quadrasynth Generates Sound No S4 Plus Reference Manual Copying Effect Patches To Audition Programs Before Storing There is a separate Mix page for each of the four effect busses whose effect modules feed the main output.

Manual Alesis have made manuals and program charts for many of their products available on-line, for free download as. Global Edit Mode The outputs of all these effects are routed back to the Main Outputs, and sent through the shelving EQ effect found mmanual the Misc.


Alesis S4 Plus Manuals

Make sure the unit is securely screwed into a rack or otherwise supported. Refer All Aalesis to Alesis We believe that the S4 Plus is one of the most reliable modules that can be made using current technology, and should provide years of trouble-free use.

Mix Group Channel Modes MIDI data at once. View the discussion thread.

Alesis S4 QuadraSynth Plus Rack – Alesis – Encyclotronic

Page This allows you to simulate alesiw surfaces of a room alesi hall, with softer surfaces absorbing more high frequencies kanual smaller rooms having faster low frequency decay. What’s New In The 2. Only effect modules that have access to the Main outputs will appear on the Mix page.

Basic Midi Hookup Decay time segment is bypassed. I’m using it with an old Atari Midi Message Basics In the “Mix Mode,” the S4 Plus has an additional preset and user programmable “Mixes” which can be used for multi-timbral sequencing applications.

It also featured the same multi-effects processor as the QuadraVerb 2, drum kits based on the D4 drum module, 4 assignable control knobs, one PCMCIA card slot, 48kHz clock input, and 4 audio outputs.

Alesis QuadraSynth S4 Manuals

Polyphony In Mix Alesid Resetting A Parameter Value Greater diffusion works better with percussive sounds, whereas less amounts of diffusion work well with vocals and other sustained sounds. Reset Controllers A — D Auditioning Internal Programs You might think of these as the typical post-fader sends found on a mixing console.


While holding down both Quad Buttons [1] and [4], turn on the power. Programs or the Effects Patch.

The Delay function is used to edit Delay parameters. While in Program Mode you can play only one Program at a time, in Mix Mode you can play up to 16 Programs at once, either from the keyboard as layers or splits or from an external sequencer via 16 MIDI channels or a combination of both.

The default settings are: Midi Program Select Many of the Programs in the S4 Plus use only one or two Sound layers, while others may use all four Sounds. More negative values drive the cutoff manhal lower for a given amount of velocity.

Alesis nanobass sound modules:

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