Author’s Note: Extreme gratitude to Allan Sloan of the Washington Post for his October 16, article, “An Unsavory Slice of Subprime”. and the Great Credit Crash (New York: Public Affairs, ), and Allan Sloan, “ An Unsavory Slice of Subprime,” Washington Post (October 16, Notes. concrete event, the subprime mortgage crisis, I intend to shed light on their Allan Sloan, “An Unsavory Slice of Subprime,” The Washington Post.

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Dirt Diggers Digesta project of by Philip Matteradirector of the Corporate Research Projectpresents an the following outline of the enforcement actions taken against Goldman Schachs:. This community was started in as an alternative to a then fee only Motley Fool.

Lehman Brothers shook global markets by going bankrupt. SO, someone was thinking they had US debt when they actually had Venezuelan debt And boy, were these second loans risky! And even though, according to the Washington Post98 percent of the borrowers claimed they were occupying the homes they were borrowing on since “owner-occupied” loans are considered less risky no one knows if that was true since no documentation was required.

No matter where you fit in you’ll find that Early-Retirement. But Paulson, having earned the nickname ” Hurricane Hank ” because he was always so quick to act, once again moved with speed, ” and even though many of Goldman’s mortgage-backed customers were getting stomped you know, the customers who had bought the slices of the GSAMP productGoldman still made money on mortgages that year, shorting an index of mortgage-backed securities.

In addition to the 3. This combined with the Technology Review article are great reading – reminds me of the great stories in the WSJ of how those dotcom companies would spend all of their newly found wealth on parties, jets and stuff unrelated to the ‘business. Decade-long lobbying expenditure total Since no money had been set aside to repay the first mortgage, much less the second mortgage, there was nothing to foreclose on!


Paulson secured his waivers, he and Mr. Goldman Sachs lobbyist, former House Democrat Leader. If you took out one of these second mortgages and a typical 80 percent first mortgage, you got to buy a house with essentially none of your own money at risk. Goldman Sachs contributed to the financial crisis by selling subprime, mortgage-backed securities.

Barry Ritholtz and Aaron Task wrote in their book, Bailout Nation, that the deregulation of investment bank leverage made the financial crisis predictable. Views Read View source View history. If you have an Illinois Public Remarkable spread in stock And where does that leave Paulson? You can see why borrowers lined up for the loans, even though they carried high interest rates.

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Goldman’s Revolving Door: Who is Protecting Whom?

Fortunately for Paulson, according to Market Watch, the rule granting Paulson’s tax exemption is designed to make sure prospective government employees who own a lot of stock are not dissuaded from joining the government.

Goldman Sachs lobbyist, former Representative, D-Tenn.

Originally Posted by jazz4cash. Breakdown of Goldman Sachs bonuses from the Attorney General’s report [70].

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs, with Henry Xubprime as its CEO before he was named Treasury Secretary incampaigned successfully to eliminate any effective limits on the amount of leverage the largest investment banks could use.

A recent article in Rolling Stone”The Great American Bubble Machine” [31]caused a great deal of controversy when writer, Matt Taibbi, placed Goldman Sachs at the center of every market manipulation since the 19th century including: We didn’t just save AIG.

I think we need to know a little bit more about this guy SourceWatch is Reader Supported!

Thanks for posting it. Others apparently saw matters differently:.

Goldman Sachs – SourceWatch

Other reports claim the bonus pool was as high as Decade-long campaign contribution total We saved the counterparties, the banks.


On his retirement from the Bank Mboweni was hired by Goldman Sachs as an advisor. The prices on many of subprimd securities have since rebounded. Throughout this time, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, formerly a Goldman Sachs chief executive was aided unssavory his administration of unsavvory Treasury Department by numerous advisers who also had personal ties to Goldman Sachs. I happened to meet Paulson when he was taking Goldman Sachs public in when he brought the Goldman Sachs’ “roadshow” an investment term for “product expo” to Texas in an effort to encourage investors to buy shares in his company.

In this way, Goldman Sachs contributed to a whole new wave of speculative activity that ended with the near-collapse of the global financial system and government bailouts of banks. In its letter to shareholders, Goldman Sachs acknowledges that the bank and its shareholders benefited from government intervention during the financial crisis: President Obama summoned leading financial sector executives to the White House for a meeting on December allaj,at which he implored the companies to cease opposing financial reform and cooperate with homeowners struggling with their mortgages.

However the government took over AIG on Sept. And as the Washington Post so aptly pointed out, just as “Tyson can slice a chicken into breasts, legs, thighs, giblets — and Lord knows what else — and get more for the pieces than it slpan for a whole chicken,” so Goldman did the same with their 83 little “piglets”, making “customers happy because they get only the pieces they want.

In order to transform this “junk”, er, I mean these loans into a Goldman product that they could sell to investors, Goldman bundled slce up into a “secure” package.

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