2 About ARexx Programs. Running ARexx Programs; Using ARexx Interactively. 3 Program Examples. Program 1. A function is a program or group of statements that is executed whenever that function name is called in a particular context. A function may be. NAME. Amiga::ARexx – Perl extension for ARexx support. ABSTRACT. This a perl class / module to enable you to use ARexx with your.

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The supplied argument must be a positive number or zero. If a pad character is aerxx, the shorter string is padded on the right; otherwise, the operation terminates at the end of the shorter string and the remainder of the longer string is appended to the result. Comparison of directories The next is a small script a,iga compare two folders. ARexx is a powerful programming tool, but one which by virtue of its clean syntax and sparse vocabulary is also easy to learn and easy to use; 1 Organization of this Document This document will attempt to fill the roles of User’s Manual, Language Reference, and Programmer’s Guide.

The position in the parse string matched by the pattern determines the value strings. Any number of prefix characters may precede an alphabetic option. The interactive command mode can be used for testing and controlling programs which have ARexx ports.

The supplied argument must be greater than 0. Readers familiar with other high-level programming languages should find many points of similarity between ARexx and other languages. Each program will exit immediately unless its HALT interrupt has been enabled. The new string is truncated or amga to the specified length as required, using the supplied pad character or blanks.

When it receives a function invocation packet, it searches for an external file matching the function name, just as it would for a command invocation of the same name. This page was last modified on qrexx Marchat You can use ARexx interactively with a short ARexx program. As a young boy I never managed to get an Arexx program to run, because I thought the introduction comment was only ceremonial and could be skipped.


ARexx is a high-level language useful for prototyping, software integration, and general programming tasks. The secondary result is cleared.

Optional arguments are shown in brackets and generally have a default value that is used if the argument is omitted. The returned value is the four-byte address of the first message packet, or ‘ ‘x if no packets were available. If the examples are to be run, first complete the installation procedures outlined in the previous section, and then start the ARexx resident process. Tracing and Interrupts 71 Display Formatting Each trace line displayed on the console is indented to show the effective control nesting level at that clause, and is identified by a special three-character code, as shown in Table 7.

The records being processed contain a variable length field. Commands 43 The Host Address The destination for a command is determined by the current host address, which is the name of the public message port managed by an external program.

AmigaOS Manual: ARexx Getting Started

When a pattern marker is matched against the parse string, the marker position is the index of the first character of the matched pattern, or the end of the string if no match was found. The result string and error code are akiga in the packet. If the first template included pattern markers that altered the parse string, the subsequent templates could still access the original string.

The internal interrupt system enables an ARexx program to detect certain synchronous or asynchronous events and to take special actions when they occur. The chapters that follow have been organized to provide a gentle introduction to the language. This unary operator converts the operand to and internal numeric form and formats the result based on the current Numeric Digits settings. This can be used in a subsequent call to restore the original contents.


AmigaOS Manual: ARexx Functions – AmigaOS Documentation Wiki

The “Rx” may be in any case, for example, “RX”, “rx” and “Rx” will all work the same. This manual introduces you to ARexx, tells you how to create ARexx programs and provides a reference section of ARexx commands. At the program prompt, insert the system disk on which ARexx is to be installed into drive 0.

You enter these Tool Types in the project icon’s Information window as:. The full search order is:. Compares the arwxx strings bit-by-bit, starting at bit number 0. Templates are described in depth in Chapter 8, so only a simplified description is presented here.

Each operator has an associated priority that determines the order aimga which operations will be performed in an expression. The length token gives the file length in bytes, and the block token specifies the file length in blocks. amiag

Beginners guide to Arexx

An attempt to set the scan position before the start or after the end of the string instead sets it to the beginning or end, respectively. Programs to be run from the CLI are usually given the file extension.

Multiple strings can be read by supplying additional templates. The statements within the loop have been indented. This is an example of typeless data. If multiple templates are supplied, each template will read a new string. The available function hosts, along with the function libraries, are contained in the Library List maintained by the resident process. In ARexx a function may be defined as part of internal to a program, as part of a library, or as a separate external program.

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