In “Sacred Contracts”, I provide an extensive series of questions to help you determine which archetypes are part of your intimate support group. Here I’ll provide. Please read through the entire list, looking at all the archetypes in parentheses, before assuming that the one you’re looking for isn’t here. Naturally, it’s. (by Caroline Myss) My new book, Archetypes: Who Are You?, explores the intriguing subject of these universal patterns of consciousness.

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I’ve read Sacred Contracts, but found the self-investigative work exhausting this, from someone who has made a life of understanding herself deeply!

Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that the basis of the Archetypes was based on new age thinking rather than any academic discipline. The archstypes, on the other hand, is completely lame. So, why two stars if I thought it such a flagrant marketing ploy? I have the Sacred Contracts book, so am a lucky one; what about those who don’t?

Archetypes: Who Are You? by Caroline Myss

Caroline gets major points from me for taking a neutral “label” and talking about the light and shadow sides, the life goals, the major challenges, thereby embracing the natural “rightness” of humanity while acknowledging our individual ability to lean well or not-so-well into the expression of any characteristic at any aree time.

For example, the author says: I’ve always loved and understood archetypes, so I enjoyed the personal application of them to my life and personality. I was wondering why all recent reviews were 3- ymss. Lists with This Book.

Archetypes: Who Are You?

Her choice of vocabulary is interesting, and perhaps gives the reader an insight into the author. The author seems to have some misguided ideas about Christianity, illustrated in this quote: As it is, I really enjoyed this book and resonated readily with my archetype descriptions. I could probably have just bounced around on the website and gotten the same information.


And what is the relevance of the list of additional archetypes at the end of the book? Oct 15, Bek Graham rated it really liked it. However, each archetype has a specific section catering to our male counterparts. This is an amazing introduction to Archetypes of the soul and what that means. I’m sure Caroline Myss is one smart cookie, and she clearly knows her stuff Mar 16, Ashley rated it really liked it.

I don’t want to choose my personality type from a list where “Fashonista” is an option. But it may be good for some people who are just starting the journey. And, I admit, there was a slight interest in wondering what Archetype I might be, and what insight the author had to offer. In Archetypes, New York Times best-selling author Caroline Myss delves into the world of archetypes, which have been the subject of her work for woh than 25 years.

On the Kindle Reader version, I couldn’t yo individual and quite lengthy! She claimed that the purpose of the book was to answer the ultimate questions we all ask ourselves: Refresh and try again.

In her introduction, she describes a situation where a client was divorced and had cancer. And, I’ll agree with the reviewer arcnetypes the book is written for women.

Also, there were hints of the larger group that those primary archetypes belonged to, without reference to how to get more info.

She holds a good standard whl reach toward, without smacking down a judgment. Return to Book Page. Books by Caroline Myss. Because, in spite of all that fluffy stuff, Myss manages to include a few meaty bits about how, regardless of how we identify, we are all capable of self-sabotage, and the means of that self-sabotage is often very predictable based on how we identify.


Dec 01, Cass rated it really liked it. Anyone looking for Archetypes to serve up a scoop of Jung or Greek mythos is going to be sorely disappointed.

The author is not stupid, but she’s not that smart either. So trust me, it will peg you I felt a slight twinge of feminism in the writing, and it arvhetypes all kind of the same for every archetype.

At the end, I’m yuo not sure what Archetypes is supposed to have achieved. To sum up there’s nothing harmful about “Archetypes” but there’s also nothing tremendously insightful or helpful about it. You can then use this knowledge to make arrchetypes conscious decisions about everything from careers to relationships, avoiding common pitfalls of your personality type while playing up your strengths. Oct 23, Kirsten rated it liked it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

No trivia or quizzes yet. This book seems to exist primarily as a lead-in to yet another social networking site — as if the world really needs another one of those — based on an absurdly superficial “archetype test” that would make a serious psychology student’s head explode.

It is a good general understanding, but the archetypes listed seemed a bit one-dimensional. In addition, some of the archetypes in this book seem redundant i. There’s nothing terrible or wrong thinking about the book but I think others have provided better information for instance enneagrams especially as outlined by Risso in Personality Types: Curious about your archetype s?

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