Arduin Eternal has 5 ratings and 1 review. Arduin Role-Playing game – the 4th incarnation, released Arduin Eternal Bestiary & Treasures – Add something BOLD to your game today! The Arduin Eternal Bestiary & Treasure book will surely bring. Arduin Eternal Cultures of Khaora – A conundrum of cultures is spread out before you! Tired of playing the same old hero? What happens to a.

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Finally finished the review. In all my time I have never seen an Arduin book in a game story or seen an Arduin player at a con. But they didn’t, and we’re not really in a position to do otherwise. First, I should say that, when it’s boiled down and we get past the issues, I still think that AE is an excellent system that contains rules that could cover just about everything a real draw to some and what I feel is a true inheritor to the original Arduin.

Monday, May 31, Arduin Eternal Review. Engage as the emotionless insectoid Phraint. Includes a Master Map of an area approximately miles square.

Every time someone puts out a new edition, they monkey with it, taking it further and further away from what I originally liked; they keep adding to it and expanding it arrduin the name of completeness, never realizing that I liked it the way it was. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Granted, I haven’t seen this new Arduin.

Arduin Eternal

Inhe was hired by Emperor’s Choice Games to create new cover art for a hardcover reprinting of sternal original Arduin Grimoire Trilogy. Newer Post Older Post Home. It won’t appeal to a lot of grognards who view Old School as an exercise in simplicity, but it’s definately not a bad game in my opinion.

Well, got in on the 2nd print run, and the book of Kass. Much criticism was made of Hargrave’s combat mechanics, to the point where many Game Masters simply arduni either their own versions, or those of TSR [ citation needed ]. Legendary Lands of Arduin: This leads to another issue, at least an issue that I have and I’m told it’s not universal. The greatest offender here, though, has to be the general editing of the book. In the end, this book looks like a strong mid-draft rather than a finished book, and that is unfortunate.


Isaacs December 5, at 9: Dragon Tree Press produced four further Arduin supplements in the mids before the Arduin rights and properties were purchased by Emperors Choice Games and Miniatures in the early s.

GROGNARDIA: Arduin Eternal Shipping

Brave Ardujn Thawed Out World. Plumb the depths of the rich world of Arduin. Oh, I’ll buy it. It includes a Master Map of the area approximately miles square and 59 “keyed” adventure area maps all cross-referenced off of the Master Map. Hamlet “As for the comment about Aeduin being a grab bag of systems, that’s simply no longer true. I’m not saying there aren’t a lot of fans of those books I am one afterall.

However, Emperors Choice did arduih my last ardiin promptly and even threw some free swag playing cards, and monster stat cards for air sharks to boot.

A post of James’s a while back made me think it could have been Arduin. I’ve bought the original books from them recently, so I won’t be picking this up. Legendary Lands of Arduin” you must realize that it is about two inches thick. In some versions of the Arduin printings, these so-called “corrections” are clearly visible.

Hamlet I can understand their and any publishers fears about piracy, but what are the going to do? More Little Treasures 2 years ago. Kisa Do February 28, at 8: This exercise in memory excavation has really moved me. Michio Okamura aruin a regular contributor from the earliest volumes of the Arduin books, his distinct woodcut art style was featured on the cover of Dark Dreams AG VI.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Spill blood as a gladiator dternal from the battles in Ithalos. Is it elegant and simple?

All the feats of derring-do and bare-assed wickedness that made Arduin an infamous legend. Hamlet December 7, at 7: View my complete profile. Like I said, it never made a whole lot of sense in the grand scheme, nor was it elegant, nor tremendously great: Rach’s reflections December 7, at 1: The original role-playing community at large was split between love and mere tolerance of Hargrave’s passions, and his infamous falling-out with Greg Staffordwhich resulted in Hargrave naming an Arduin spell after him as revenge, is one such example.


As someone who never saw Arduin in its original incarnation, and is now interested in it because of his Grognard proclivities, a new, unified system is not a selling point to me.

Take on the world as a Techno, master of technology and engineering. Character generation is an extensive process that can and does take days of effort if you know what you’re doing.

A few items he created on a whim for those he especially liked or was close to. Too many different ways of doing about the same thing Imagination 5 stars Organization 2 stars Art work 3 stars 4 if you are an affectionato of black and white ink work Playability 3 stars some sections seem quite useable Overall 3 stars You can find a detailed chapter blow by blow at: At the least, they should put out a free PDF detailing the new system and give people a taste of what it’s like just like every other publisher.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve completely priced themselves out of the market. I do like the game. Material from all of these were subsequently used as the basis for The Compleat Arduina standalone system. While D20 players might feel more at home – after all, the secrets and skills are a strong D20 influence I think – they will undoubtedly be daunted by the preliminary inellegence of the game.

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