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Submit a new link. Adventures in the South She took a moment to assess the other Grey Warden.

Death in the Afternoon The Mornings After To the Manor Born We must get you out of your armor. I am a Neural Network being trained to detect spammers Summon me with!

If this was a Blight—which he did not believe for a moment —but if it wasthen some unknown power had taken preemptive steps to eliminate the darkspawns’ ancient adversaries. She could see it before her now: Apparently the darkspawn horde had concluded that Cailan himself was not.

A deep voice, flavored with a hint of Gwaren, rumbled back, “Are the Wardens here? She was so cold. He was an impressive warrior — Loghain had always acknowledged that—but in the end they had swarmed over him, knocking Cailan unconscious.


Arsinoë Comics from Eros

He had prepared himself for Cailan’s death. A Typical Night in Denerim Dariel carried a tray of apples and cheese, sliced to bite size, arranged with a generous helping of crisp, thin oat cakes. The soldier eyed the mabari in his turn, rather admiringly, and then said his piece:.

Our casualties otherwise are lighter than anyone could have hoped. The 7th Day of Harvestmere, Pt 2 Cailan was up and pushing past Loghain, his blue eyes wide with horror. He could make a fresh start, and raise the child the way a ruler of Ferelden should be raised… But his royal son-in-law was still very much alive at the moment, sitting on a folding camp stool not six feet away.

When Bryce Cousland’s little spitfire scaled the Tower of Ishal and lit the beacon at the critical moment, King Cailan won a mighty victory against the darkspawn. Agsinoe set a good-sized basin of reasonably warm water on the table.

Arsinoe 2 (Eros Comix)

Mages were certainly wonderful creatures, Bronwyn thought for not the first time. Bronwyn blew out a long breath. Another spell, and she felt herself grow a little warmer and more herself. The subject of your post must be included in the title.


All the Way to West Hill He has learned of your good service in the battle. The tent opening rustled again, and a white-haired mage popped her head through. So I was just strolling around Arsinoe when I came across a wooden breakable door behind vines.

She had fled Highever without even a change of linen.

Then, at last, the summit attained. Because I am Loghain held his peace, and did not ask what kind of death in battle was not horrible. If she ever had the strength to remove her armor, she would have to see if Fergus had brought anything arsine might fit her. Surprised, the man turned red and stammered, “Darrow. When the darkspawn had realized themselves defeated, they had lashed out, and in one final, savage attack, had slaughtered every Grey Warden on arsnoe field.