This standard is issued under the fixed designation D ; the 1 These test methods are under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D13 on. Buy ASTM D Standard Test Methods for Strength Tests for Zippers from SAI Global. ASTM D Standard Test Methods for Strength Tests for Zippers.

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Other materials with established test values may be used for this purpose. The test results from the two laboratories should be compared using a statistical test for unpaired data, at a probability level chosen prior to the testing series. The restrictions, if any, are indicated in the scope for each individual test method. The ability of the pull and slider to resist the speci?

Key Testing Facilities | SBS Zipper. Zipper Company

Equipment Reciprocating Tester Number Of Test Pieces 3 complete zippers with a length of at least mm and a width of 25 mm. Contact Supplier Start Order. The pull clamp shall be rotatable around its longitudinal axis and shall be equipped with a dial for measuring the angle of rotation. Provision c2061 be made to apply torsional forces to the clamp by means of a torque gage, torque wrench or other appropriate device of the adjustable slip asmt capable of applying a torsional force and having an accuracy of Read and record measurement of the de?

Hook the other part of the?

The test methods appear as follows:. The pull clamp shall be rotatable around its longitudinal axis and may be equipped with a dial for measuring the angle of rotation.


Slider Deflection and Recovery. Test modular design, open data management, can realize load, deformation, displacement, variable speed control 7. Two specimens are required. High rigid frame load frame. This standard is subject to revision at any time by the responsible technical committee and must be reviewed every?

Secure the tapes of the zipper in the clamps of the testing machine with the edges of the jaws parallel to and approximately 3 mm 1? NOTE 1—An adequate speci? All 64 specimens of each material came from the same sample.

Key Testing Facilities

A number in parentheses indicates the year of last reapproval. Consider individual containers from each shipping carton to be the primary sampling units. The element to be tested is the one just below the element that was removed.

The ends of the d206 jaws shall be at least 25 mm 1 in. Salt Spraying Tester The salt spraying tester is used for testing the corrosion resistance performance of the metal zippers and electroplated sliders. High precision import weighing sensor 3. Apply an increasing load until the retainer pulls off, until the tape breaks, or until failure of some other kind occurs.

The angle included between the stringers shall be such as to prevent the catching of elements on the? NOTE 4—There are two types of slider locking mechanisms: Last previous edition approved in as D — e2061 Strength of Chains and Elements.

Current edition approved Jan. Position the pull in the clamp, aligning the front surface of the clamp with the midpoint of the pull as shown in Fig. The d0261 and bias of Test Methods D for testing zipper operability are as speci?


Test methods for measuring those properties have not been published either because no practical methods have yet d206 developed or because a valid evaluation of the adtm resulting from existing unpublished methods requires an intimate and thorough knowledge of zippers. Position the slider at the point FIG. B No standard number of specimens is given for these tests since they are quite variable and are not recommended for acceptance testing except where the laboratories of the purchaser and the seller have established their precision and bias, if any.

Instead, specify the number of specimens shown in Table 1.

Reciprocating Test for All Zippers: BS 3084, DIN 3419, ASTM D 2061, JIS S 3015

Support online communication, data using RS transmission. Locate and lock the slider midway between the ends of the astn. As a minimum, the test samples should be used that are as homogeneous as possible, that are drawn from the material from which the disparate test results were obtained, and that are randomly assigned in equal numbers to each laboratory for testing. China package equipment China rowing machine equipment China filling equipment. When a reliable estimate of v for the users laboratory becomes available, Eq 1 will usually specify fewer than the number of specimens shown in Table 1.

Before a meaningful statement can be made about two speci? D2601 one test determines the suitability of a zipper for a specific end use.

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