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Their voltage rating should be at least 1. A kHz Synchronous Buck Regulator with a precision 0. The bulk filter capacitor values are generally determined by the ESR Effective Series Resistance and voltage rating requirements rather than actual capacitance requirements.

This transition is represented on Figure 1 at time t Phase margin is the difference between the closed loop phase at f0dB and qt9173. To avoid xt9173 tripping in the normal operating load range, find the ROCSET resistor from the equation above with: Figure 2 shows the connections of the critical components in the converter.

The initiation of soft start may affect other regulators. Each output is monitored for undervoltage events. Include worst case component variations when determining phase margin. The supply to 5VSBY should be locally bypassed using a 0.

AT datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits Bus Termination Regulator

If a regulator experiences any other fault condition an under-voltage or an overcurrent on VDDQthen that regulator, and only that regulator, will be disabled and an internal fault counter will be incremented by 1. At every fault occurrence, the internal fault counter is incremented by 1 and an internal Fault Reset Counter is cleared to zero. Each regulator is enabled and soft-started according to a preset sequence.


Careful component selection, tight layout of the critical components, and short, wide traces minimizes the magnitude of voltage spikes. The minimum value for CSS can be found through the following equation: The FB pin at917 also monitored for under and over-voltage events.

Use only specialized low-ESR capacitors intended for switching-regulator applications for the bulk capacitors. The worst case response time can be either at the application or removal of load. The feedback resistors should be located as close as dqtasheet to the FB pin with vias tied straight to the ground plane as required.

AT9173-EG, AT9173G, AT919DS-100LP3

This is equivalent to multiplying the modulator transfer function to the compensation transfer function dtasheet plotting the gain. In most cases, multiple electrolytic capacitors of small case size perform better than a single large case capacitor. Nd and Ne refer to the number of terminals on each D and E. It is recommended that a minimum capacitance of 0. The amount of capacitance and type of capacitor should be chosen datashet this criteria in mind.

The ISL will immediately shut down dayasheet the Fault Counter reaches a count of 4 when the system is restarting from an S5 state into the active, or S0, state. For surface mount designs, solid tantalum capacitors can be used, but caution must be exercised with regard to the capacitor surge current rating.

ATE datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

To insure that both upper and lower pass transistors dissipate the same power, tie this pin to the VGMCH output rail. All other regulators are monitored for under-voltage events. Dimension b applies to the metallized terminal and is measured between 0. Any parasitic inductance in the switched current path generates a large voltage spike during the switching interval.


With power devices switching efficiently at kHz, the resulting current transitions from one device to another cause voltage spikes across the interconnecting impedances and parasitic circuit elements.

The power dissipated in the linear regulator is: The goal of the compensation network is to provide a closed loop transfer function with the highest 0dB crossing frequency f0dB and adequate phase margin.

The switching losses seen when sourcing current will be different from the switching losses seen when sinking current. Connect this pin to the VTT output at the physical point of desired regulation. Use these guidelines for locating the poles and zeros of the compensation network: Dahasheet important parameters for the bulk input capacitance are the voltage rating and the RMS current rating. For reliable operation, select bulk capacitors with voltage and current ratings above the maximum input voltage and largest RMS current required by the circuit.

The switching regulator also has overvoltage and over current protection. Angles are in degrees.