Removed RS Items. . ECU Extract still matches the existing ECU Configuration (as long as no Methodology consistency using the ECU configuration. [3] Specification of ECU Configuration Parameters (XML) . RS. Requirement Specification. DocumentCategory, TraceCategory. Specification of requirements . [3] Requirements on Communication. AUTOSAR SRS [4] Requirements on ECU Configuration. AUTOSAR RS ECU

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The overview is shown in figure 3. There are output file formats other than.

Class diagram for parameter container definition [ecuc sws ] A ParamConfContainerDef is the main container class definition and can contain other containers, configuration parameters and references. Certain aspects of real application configurations are already defined: The examples for the individual parameters are taken ceu figure 3. The configuration classes are explained in detail in following section of this cohfiguration.

Base Class es Attribute Identifiable abstract M Example of an object diagram for container definition In the XML outtake in example 3.

The value of the configurable parameter is decided in earlier stage of software development process and any changes in the parameter value calls for a re-compilation.

The three defined Derived Configuration Parameters have an informal calculationFormula which is not shown in the figure but is shown in the XML example.

The different configuration formats would potentially contain redundant information. Link Type reference Description Stores the shortName of the referenced element.

These would allow very sophisticated autosae, potentially dedicated to one BSW module, to be added by individual suppliers. This is done using object diagrams this is the M1 level of metamodeling with special semantics defined in section 3. Two different approaches are shown.


Therefore the Container substitutes the choice container directly in the parameter description. If the derived parameter is derived from other Configuration Parameters in the ECU Configuration Description then certain rules have to be applied: For example, for post-build time configurable BSW implementations only a subset of the parameters might be configurable post-build time. Both module source file and module configuration source file compiled separately and generates module object file and module configuration object file respectively.

Therefore the EcuParameterDefinition defines a reference relationship to the definition of several Software Modules in the module attribute. With the additional attributes min and max the range of this parameters values in the ECU Configuration Description can be limited. Additionally, it would be possible to add generic plug-ins that addressed a specific aspect of configuration across all BSW modules.

So it is not possible to reference to a specific ParameterDef directly but only to its container. The metamodel of those references is shown in figure 3.

Specification of ECU Configuration

This means that implementations may or may not support parameters and containers defined as optional in the StMD. Other approaches might be consistent with this specification, but have not been considered explicitly. The sections below look at some possible tool forms and identify some of their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore it has multiple references of different type.

The upperMultiplicity of that configurattion may be equal or less to what is defined in the StMD. The ChoiceReference specifies multiple possible destinations for one reference but later in the ECU Configuration Description there can only be exactly one destination described.


This configuration class provides a modular approach to autoaar configuration process.

Then again the attribute value is assigned to the value of the derived parameter. The abstract class DerivedValueType does provide the common attributes for all inheriting parameter definitions. The ECU Configuration Description may be on one hand the input format for other configuration tools within a tool-chain of several configuration configurahion and on the other hand it is the basis of generators. In this congiguration the application of the modeling approach for the ECU Configuration is described.

In the example definition shown in figure 3.

Specification of ECU Configuration

ChoiceContainerDef [ecuc sws ] For the possible multiplicity the ChoiceContainerDef multiplicity attributes are relevant. There are three different parts involved in the development of the ECU Configuration: This approach relies upon a standard framework: Therefore the code generator of the providing module has the responsibility to associate the provided symbolic name12 to its actual value.

The recommendedConfiguration contains parameter values recommended by the BSW module vendor. Dependencies between tools, as well as the eccu work flow, might need to be expressed explicitly. This eases the development of tools and introduces the possibility to standardize vendor-specific ECU Configuration Parameters at a later point in time.

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