Good question. Some mantras are meant for self realization. Some other kind of mantras aim to bring out a very specific result. For example, some mantras like. Bala and Atibala are mantras authored by Sage Viswamitra. He taught them to Sri Here is the Sanskrit mantra in telugu script. Sudhakar Rao. Bala Atibala Mantra With Meaning: Sudhakar MD This is the In the Telugu language of Upanishads of the canon, narrated by to.

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Once energised it can be transmitted as Vishwamitra did to Rama. Hope this answers your question. No need to be teluyu, just an overview. Nyasa is the gestures.

Bala Atibala mantropanishad

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Why is Gayatri Mantra called Gayatri Mantra? Again Vishwamitra teljgu a Rshi who had aeons and aeons of penance behind him, which puts him in a different league. Some mantras are meant for self realization.


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The Brahmastra which was used in ancient wars was also a mantra with Gayathri as its root. If this is chanted by householders, it may have adverse effects atibaal one’s possessions and attachments. Email required Address never made public. Can you please help me on this? What is the Kleem mantra?

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. What is the “Chamunda Mantra”?

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The ultimate purpose of Gayatri Mantra is to realize the supreme Paramatma. Is there any way to do the Gayatri Mantra meditation?

Bala Atibala Mantra Pdf – lostoc

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Bala Atibala mantropanishad

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Imagine if these mantras are received by some evil person like Ravana. Notify me of new comments via email. That is why only sanyasis and those who have renounced all things chant the chathushpada gayatri.

So, Sage Vishwamitra taught Lord Rama the Bala and the Atibala mantras for improving his physical and mental abilities so that he would be fully prepared to take on the mighty Ravana, while Gayatri Mantra is like food for the inner soul.