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Tej Singh, an elderly friend and mentor of Lai Singh, had once single-handedly fought Hari Singh years ago. They stared at the Aunt’ on the clay wall below which Bapu sat at work. The Sabarmati Ashram was no longer Gandhi’s headquarters. The MKSS does not see itself as doing tyag or sewa. He had then vowed that he would not kutl to Sabarmati unless he attained puma swaraj, complete freedom from the British.

This particular stretch of the ancient pathway was always somewhat difficult to control. This, they told Mot Singh, would serve as a kitchen and an extra living space. Hari was also responsible for preparing Bapu ‘s bath water which had to be just right, not too hot and not too cold. Could Bapu be shifted to her cottage? So there were stalls selling jalebis, pakoras, kulfi, other sweets and tea at half the market price but of better quality. The year wasthe MKSS was just over a year old.

Mot Singh began to feel like the children in the folk tale which spoke about a terrible time when starvation stalked every poor home.

Shanker and Nikhil settled down for the night at Lai Singh’s house, feeling happy with the boik. In the process, some of the most powerful communication and experiences were being forged. The quest of its individuals continued and their endeavours flowed into the larger fraternity. As Kaliya began nibbling on her breakfast of dry hay, the BBC Hindi service crackled to life and announced great changes in distant Roos Russia.


Fischer’s kui broke through the haze of my youthful confusion, evoking a multitude of questions and longings. Madeleine bapi a copy as soon as Holland’s slim book on Gandhi was released and read it through that very day. It was unacceptable that his own son should be breaking basic rules. Vikas was preparing to go to school. As Mishraji rose to address the rally, most of his acquaintances expected a revolutionary ‘communist’ message.

Then a traumatic encounter with a dreadfully suffering man infected with leprosy led him to his major life work, the setting up of Anandwan, a community for the leprosy-infected. Suvil Sipani marked it as to-read Jan 13, In that year Shanker and Anshi’s eldest daughter, Kammo, qualified in the entrance exam of the newly opened Navodaya Vidyalaya in neighbouring Ajmer district.

He was sure that violence was ‘no remedy for India’s ills, and that her civilization required the use of a different and higher weapon for self-protection. No famine relief work ever paid the full amount. Once upon a time the Maharana of Udaipur had ruled this area, through local thakurs and smaller rajas.

As it became clear that these strikers were truly hungry and simply would not cheat, emotions began mounting among the townsfolk. Author talks about a young enthusiastic man, Vinoo Kaley who tried to make a difference in the lives of rural poor artisans.

He did not want to leave behind any sect, for, he said: Being entirely dependent on the monsoon, crop yields were far from generous. Nikhil went through the motions of a Bachelor of Arts degree at the George Mason University, but then suddenly quit a few weeks before the end of the last semester.

This group was part of a loosely knit fraternity of post-midnight’s children who squarely faced the many dead ends that Independent India had reached. The people of Sohangarh built the wall themselves and then added some basic watershed enhancement devices, like trenches and bunds.

Dec 07, Annie Zaidi rated it really liked it. It was a few years more before the search ended in the shade of a lone gulmohar at Devdoongri — which was now more a home than any of the plush homes that were part of Nikhil’s early life. When would it ever listen to the people and let them make their own decisions about local schemes?


Devi Lai’s father, and possibly even grandfather had lived with this reality. Let us not have just the usual rally and speeches, many Sangathan workers suggested. But so did Mot Singh’s son who was working in Baroda and spent far too much time arranging his hair to look like Amitabh Bachchan.

Bapu Kuti: Journeys in Rediscovery of Gandhi – Rajni Bakshi – Google Books

In spite of this order, the irrigation department decreed that it would pay only Rs 9 and not a paise more. Thus, when he went to the great Paris Exhibition ofhe was not impressed by most of the fancy modern goods and inventions displayed there. We experience impatience and boredom. On most days he completed his morning chores and then returned to his home in Sewagram, the village lying just outside the boundary of the Ashram. To challenge the power structure from within was to put oneself at peril and, even then, the chances of success were slim.

He agreed with Leo Tolstoy that the Eiffel Tower was a monument to man’s folly.

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The veteran leader of the Sarvodaya movement had just won the Jamnalal Bajaj Award and I was at his home in Gowpuri, Wardha, to interview him for the Illustrated Weekly.

Yet, even then, the Ashram parisar immediately struck me as a living place. His wife wanted to buy sarees while her husband went about his official duties. Grazing and fuel-wood collection were curtailed in the initial period, allowing the land to bloom undisturbed.