Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century, a roleplaying game of mercenaries, heroes, misfits, and explorers out amongst the stars – where you play one of over Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century – Battlelords is a sci-fi roleplaying game that mixes a bureaucratic Alliance and manipulative. This is the 10th anniversary edition. Yes, it’s been 10 years, and we want to present our favorite game with some style. This book contains everything you need to.

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You may hate each other, but if you want to survive you have to work together.

Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century

Player characters usually assume the role of Battlelords, mercenaries employed by the corporations to further their business by any means, legal or otherwise.

We marry hand-to-hand, melee, firearms, and matrix magic combat into a smooth system. Player thidd usually assume the role bagtlelords Battlelords, mercenaries employed by the corporations to further their business by any means, legal or otherwise.

In the twenty-third century the Humans have joined the other member races in the Alliance, a loose defense organization formed to protect the member races from the encroaching Arachnids and their minions. Battlelords of the 23rd Century 6th Edition.

Everyone has their own agenda, but destiny has drawn you misfits together. Choice from over distinct skills, detailed pieces of equipment, and move than powers.

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Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century 6th Edition. We provide extensive background material on the entire universe, allowing you to build a rich campaign.

You can jump in with both feet cengury start unleashing your imagination right away. And what is life like in the 23rd century?


Behind the Screen [PDF]. If you want to find more information about Battleords read on at our Newbie page! Battlelords of the 23rd Century 5th Edition. There are many alien races in the Battlelords universe, but twelve are presented in the basic rulebook and form the basis for the Galactic Alliance.

They are featured in several tables including a racial specific table and a job specific table which is chosen by the player. Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century. Loyalty is not to the Alliance as much as it is to the company. Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century is set in the year As ofthe system does not feature rules for space combat.

Battlelords of the 23rd Century”. Loyalty to the company never upstages loyalty to the team. Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century. You can edit this page to create it. Archived from the original on 14 November It’s all in a days work. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. What is the truth and can battlelordw make a difference? These scores are significantly influenced by the character’s race.

Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century (5th & 6th Editions) | RPG | RPGGeek

Rex Hurst’s Classic Book List. The first so far is Across the Wounded Galaxyreleased in Thitd Their motives are shrouded in mystery while some say they are not our true enemy.

A number of printed supplements are available for the game, including three equipment manuals, a vehicle rulebook, three space atlases, three player companion accessories, a beastiary, and an alternate campaign setting. There have also been battlelkrds modules written for Battlelords of the Twenty-Third century.


You have a whole universe to adventure in; anything can happen. The Universe offers up its bounty only to those brave enough to challenge it themselves. Here is where the roleplaying begins. GeekGold Battlekords for All Supporters at year’s end: Some expand on the matrx abilities of the various races or add extra skills, others go into detail behind a races past and customs.

Battlelords uses percentile dice and a skill-based system to provide quick and deadly combat resolution, getting you roleplaying again. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Vehicle rules were added to the system with the publication of Engines of War in Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century Thitd.

Are you a Battlelord? Views Read Edit View history. Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century is set in the year These rules are planned for forthcoming supplements. I supported becauseā€¦ “I never would have been able to catalog my library centuty games alone for that i’m thankful” – Jim stichter hsfastpitch. These include but are not limited to; aiming, firing a single round, swinging a sword, dying quickly, diving for cover, running, and dying with a lengthy speech.

That’s the life of a Battlelord. Battlelords starts you out with an intricate megaplot, or you can pull out the pieces you like to create an entirely new campaign without boundaries. Armor is completely customizable with any combination of options and upgrades.

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