90 Supporting Information ANNEXE 1. Advice on Selecting Alternative Risk Mitigation Measures BCI Good Practice Guidelines | GLOBAL EDITION. 9 Glossary of Terms 11 Good Practice Guidelines BCI Good Practice Guidelines GLOBAL EDITION []. 4 Contents BCM Management Professional. URL: html (accessed July 23, ). BS URL: (accessed July 23, ). This page.

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BCI Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) 2010

In some regulated environments a formal Risk Assessment is a mandated activity. Business Continuity Management Planning Methodologypp. A person or group who directs and controls an organization at the highest level. DCC Francis More information. Those involved in the process will therefore differ from organization to organization, reflecting each business and operating model.

If a BIA has already been conducted to ascertain the effects of a loss of products and services the group will include the outcome of the BIA in its review. This document describes how SIA develops, implements and maintains its business continuity management system, applying what is stated in the company Business Continuity Guidelines. The views of all key stakeholders Any reputation damage that may result from an interruption or termination of a product The relevance of any risk assessment Regulatory impact for regulated activities If Business Continuity is the chosen approach for a particular product or service, then it is necessary that suitable measures are put in place to ensure that the various activities supporting their delivery can be continued or recovered within the required timescales.

Successful candidates will be awarded a pass or a pass with merit. Situations can threaten and disrupt your business and impact upon you and your staff. Does it have many suppliers, a few or even only one? Aim of the document: The initial drafts were produced by Septemberwith peer reviews, wider consultation and assessment taking places during October and November. Resilience is not fundamentally about stopping or preventing disruption happening in the first place.



Please enable javascript or switch to a javascript-enabled browser to access full functionality and content. What is the geographic scale of its operations?

The BCM practitioner needs to demonstrate sound analytical skills, solid programme and project management skills, effective communication and influencing skills and understand investment appraisal techniques. The value of the GPG for practitioners is that is considers not just what but also why and how, based on real-world experiences of BCM practitioners.

A potential cause of an unwanted incident, which may result in harm to individuals, assets, a system or organization, the environment, or the community.

The duration after which an organization s viability will be irreparably 20010 if a product g;g service delivery cannot be resumed. That s why More information. This use of this simple model demonstrates to top management the value and integrated nature of the BCM approach holistic, crossfunctional and cross-enterprise. Business Continuity Management Factsheet To prepare for change, change the way you prepare In an intensely competitive environment, a permanent market presence is essential in order to satisfy customers.

The maximum loss of information electronic and other data which an organization can tolerate. BCM is not restricted to any particular industry sector; indeed, applying Standard Industrial Classification codes to the organizations represented among the BCI s membership reveals representation in all categories.

This policy sets out the structure for ensuring that the PCT has effective Business Continuity Plans in place in order to maintain. Share page Save page. BCM is a tool to help improve organizational performance. More notes on this topic can be found in Annexe 2.

The declaration that an organization s BCP needs to be put into effect in order to continue to deliver key products and services. Business Continuity Management BCM is an holistic process that identifies potential threats to an organization and the impacts to business operations that those threats, if realized, might cause.


These questions will include: Some resources also include links to directly download the resource. Code Subsidiary Document No.

BCI Good Practice Guidelines (GPG)

In the more developed world of today s ERM, Business Continuity Management has been seen erroneously by some as a risk treatment for very specific types of operational events often physical in their nature and normally characterised as big impact, low frequency.

What is More information. We are also experiencing a global economic crisis not experienced in the living memory of most people on this planet and are coming to terms with new global threats including energy security, mass migration, cyber crime and climate change. What constitutes an acceptable Business Continuity strategy may depend on the organization and any change in their processes that would be necessary to accommodate it 2100 determined in advance or recognized after the event.

The BCI Good Practice Guidelines (GPG)

What is the extent of resource loss that it wants to, or needs to, plan to survive? However, where compliance regulations do exist for continuity of operations, then clearly BCM is a proven methodology able to demonstrate such compliance. Procedures should be documented. This thinking fpg already encapsulated in the Business Continuity concept first proposed many years before, but it had taken well over a decade to gain wide-scale understanding. Corporate Services Policy Number: Does it have many customers, a few or even only one?

Many functions here will not work and some significant content will be inaccessible. Related again to Incident Management is Emergency Planning.