Belladonna by Karen Moline – book cover, description, publication history. Belladonna was sold as a sexual slave for $1 million. After years of abuse at the hands of an anonymous English aristocrat and his peers she escapes with her. Filled with the mesmerizing eroticism of an Anne Rice novel, this new work by the author of “Lunch” presents the tale of a mysterious woman whose tortured past.

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Pretty poison is her cry Belladonna watch you die Dark, enticing, and as deliciously decadent as Europe’s fading upper classes shortly before and after World War II, Belladonna is an intoxicating tale of betrayal and revenge This book is simply about folks planning revenge, with no details thrown in.

Belladonna: A Novel of Revenge by Karen Moline

Instead of dancing at a masked ball, Isabella will become the sacrificial lamb in molin ritual of domination and submission known only to the noblemen who call themselves the members of the Club. But, looking forward to her party and utterly inexperienced in life, Isabella does not know how far men will go to satisfy desire.


I found myself feeling all the emtions of the character. This is definitely in my top 5 books of all time. Always masked, as those who tormented her were, Belladonna will captivate both imaginations and hearts. For a real female vigilante story I recommend Kathryn Harvey’s “Butterfly” instead. Did Belladonna inspire you to do anything?

After this book, I’m not sure I ever want to let me daughters out of my sight! It was a good read but sometimes hard to follow because of the way the book is laid out.

I got this book on a whim at a thrift store. She is waiting like a deadly spider for a member of the Club to walk into her web.

She finds herself the unwilling play thing of a club of men who get their kicks out of forcing sexual tortures on women. He really made mline book for me. Dec 16, Nancy Brady rated it really liked it.

Belladonna: A Novel of Revenge

Nov 05, Erica Poole rated it it was amazing Shelves: I couldn’t put it down To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

I feel like the story would have been a smoother read had it just been reorganized just a tad. Sex and revenge makes a heady but scary mix Karen Moline paint such a lavish, spare-no-expense, money-is-no-object lifestyle that we all wish we could have. This book has become my favorite novel by far. I had hoped this would be a bit more edgy. It’s gotten me to look for more audiobooks read by Tim Curry.


I recommend anyone who’s ready for a rollercoster of a book!

I forgot about most of everything that had happened. She is deliciously complex and wicked. It is a truth that involves betrayal, murder, depravity — a truth so chilling that it will pit brother against brother, father against son, and will force Belladonna to ultimately confront the one man who can ultimately either destroy her, or set her free.

This is by far my favorite book. Almost all of the characters are exceptionally developed throughout the whole story that spans over years. In her place, a new woman is born. Sure, Belladonna’s methods seem a little out there, but wouldn’t we all go to great lengths, if we could, to get payback?

Nov 28, Phair rated it liked it. I wish there was more!!