BGI 504-26 PDF

Blow-in of loose-fill insulation in dusty area. (BGR (ZM1/); BGI ( ZH1/). Charging time. 6 h. Display button with LED-display (red+green). under Convention 26 * (BGI ) “Respiratory protection devices”. You also have to comply with fixed recovery times. EXAMPLE: EXTRACT FROM THE BGR . Anybody working for more than 30 minutes using heavy respiratory protective devices must therefore, for example in Germany (according to BGI ).

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Wearers of respiratory protective devices must usually be at least 18 years of age. EN contains additional requirements for fire fighting. The easily visible cylinder coding according to EN provides information about the content of the cylinder and the danger emanating from it.

A compressed air cylinder with a volume of 3 l short-term SCBAa pressure of bar and an air bbgi of approx. They supply the wearer with bg air — from a compressed air vessel or through a pneumatic system connected through hoses.

What have consider

The colour of the jacket is optional. The compressed air tank is fitted with a shut-off valve. Find out here how this is implemented in practice. How bgo I use an air line breathing apparatus? The label provides information about: Fit for every mission Working with respiratory protection is tiring — the fire service is well aware of that.

What do the coding and the label on the compressed air cylinder mean?

Breathing safely independent of the ambient air

Disclaimer Please select your language: What statutory requirements need to be complied with? For example, 50-26 cylinder with a black and white colour shoulder stands for a compressed air cylinder. To prevent the ingress of moisture or contaminants into the cylinder, the pressure should never be lowered below 2 bar. The breathing air is used only during the inhalation cycle.


The duration of deployment also depends on the personal air consumption of the wearer. Depending on the deployment conditions, you can separately choose the cylinder volume, pressure bfi thus the amount of compressed air. Compressed air cylinders are available with a filling pressure of to bar. What conditions does the wearer of a respiratory protective device have to meet? Since it can’t be worn freely, bgl must be supplied externally with breathing air using a compressed air supply hose — either from a permanently installed breathing air line or via breathing air cylinders provided.

The compressed air tank is made of steel, aluminium or carbon fibre composites CFRP. Given the expected physical exertion, they bbi be demonstrably healthy.

With overpressure lung demand valve: These devices provide a continuous air flow resulting in a high air consumption. This depends on the framework conditions of the mission: Here the mode of operation, application and servicing of the devices is trained semi-annually or annually. With normal pressure lung demand valve: EN applies to industrial applications. Compressed air cylinders must bgl cleaned regularly.

Breathing safely independent of the ambient air

Compressed air cylinder or airline equipment: Find out more under Safe application. A compressed air hose breathing system offers unlimited air supply but severely limits the radius of movement. This is to prevent hazardous substances in the ambient air from entering the mask. It is therefore most suited to comprehensive maintenance and cleaning work in limited spaces and especially when the device can simultaneously ventilate a chemical protective suit.


The following principle applies to the selection: Self-contained breathing apparatus SCBA offer full freedom of movement but have a limited air volume and thus limit the deployment time. There are three different device types: Decline Disclaimer Accept Disclaimer. Please select your language: The SCBA’s pressure regulator is connected to this valve. Which system has which benefits? Anybody working for more than 30 minutes using heavy respiratory protective devices must therefore, for example in Germany according to BGIbe subjected to a preventative physical examination based on a defined schedule.

Working with respiratory protection is tiring — the fire service is well aware of that. Breathing safely independent of the ambient air. The air consumption is low. In work spaces with extremely high concentrations of hazardous substances or with lack of oxygen, self-contained breathing apparatus are the first choice.

What types of compressed air cylinders are there? The colour coding only applies to the shoulder of the cylinder. The requirements for self-contained breathing apparatus as a safety device have been defined in EN There are three different device types:.