You will also have access to dozens of video tutorials that will cover every aspect of building and publishing a FANTASTIC website! With BlueVoda you can. TUTORIAL: Creating a Go Menu in BlueVoda TUTORIAL: Creating a Text Menu in BlueVoda TUTORIAL: Adding HTML in BlueVoda BlueVoda is an offline website builder offered by VodaHost web hosting I highly recommend that you watch their video tutorials – thankfully.

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For example, if you where to print out this page it would come out distorted and use up several piecesof paper. I was able to download it free of cost.

Dennis saw all the software we were using to create websites. To add one of the tutorails backgrounds to the page, click the Image icon from the toolbar and browsefor the file. Bear in mind that if your images are all thesame size, you can pick a specific thumbnail size without any issues but if the original images vary in size,it is recommended that you select the Variable option, so that the thumbnails are not distorted afterresizing. It comes with a great collection of tutoria,s, templates, and background themes.

Opens the BlueVoda website builder with a blank workspace. Editing a form You may need to re-size your text menu in order to accommodate any new links that may have just beencreated.

Watch These Tutorials to Create a Website | BlueVoda Website Maker

Many people use the TAB button to move from field to field. Select from the many menu-bar buttons styles available from the Image section. For example, next Font styles, bluevooda the [ Title ] button to open the Fontdialogue box and change the font attributes of the guest-book title.


For my business, graphics and video was very important while I create website, and the interface provides the right multimedia support. Using Guide Settings in BlueVoda BlueVoda’s Window Menu You can add an Add to Cart button which will allow the visitor to continue adding items to the cartbefore checking out You can add a View Cart button allowing a visitor to review what has already been added.

BlueVoda Website Maker

For a regular webpage, select http: PayPal Ecommerce Shopping Cart 9 This tutorial is dedicated to setting up your PayPal shopping cart for single item and multi-item shopping cart purchases, subscription creations and donations. Publish the page to set it live on your website. This reason is enough to bring a glorious smile on your face.

Let your imagination run wild! It fulfills all the requirements and provides the best website that everyone wants. An Editbox or Textbox provides a single line text field.

As we have designed the script, this is an extremely easy task: The first thing that you should do when preparing to construct your first web page is to define it. Read It — How to plan your website. BlueVoda is a tool that can be used to create bluevova website that is static or dynamic with incredible results.

Watch These Tutorials to Create a Website

After using this website maker I recommended it to many people who were always worried and wanted to create website. The procedure for adding external elements in BlueVoda is straightforward and consistent and veryeasy.

How to tune up your computer. Not to forget the templates were of great help in setting a decent image for the web page when create website. You can use website maker to create sites that will look just like a seasoned developer. There is NO Spyware or Adware inside of it.


Click [ OK ] when you’re done specifying your options. When defining your site you should certainly do yourhomework. Beat your rivals and be a frontrunner after create website with BlueVoda. Image Button Add an image to your form to be used as a button.

Select if want to have scroll bars. Youmust stick to numbers, letters and if bbluevoda hyphens and underscores. My decision was based on aspects such as cost of the website maker program, its ease of use, support, and overall popularity ranking. Bbluevoda started to live my passion and slowly converted it as a good household business. After using this website maker I felt in love with it.

Please watch all four in the exact below order. Close Page Closes the current page that you are working on.

For instance, double-click the text to edit the Label forany form element. You can highlight any element and move it up or down in the form, or remove it all-together using the [Remove ] [ Move Up ] [ Move Down ] buttons. Table of ContentsClick a chapter of section heading to go directly to that page.

Hit the [ OK ] button when you are done tutorisls your preferences to return to the workspace.