IKEA – FICUS MICROCARPA GINSENG, Plant with pot. Ficus Microcarpa Ficus Ginseng Ficus Benjamina Bonsai Pflege Ficus Microcarpa Ginseng Ingrijire. On May 3, By. ficus microcarpa ficus ginseng ficus. FICUS MICROCARPA GINSENG Plant with pot, bonsai, assorted colors. This plant is sensitive to temperature changes, which may cause the leaves to fall off. Place in a light area, out of direct sunlight.

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So it is large not only because of aesthetics and balance, but also because the branches of the tree corresponds to an equally large root system that needs space.

Uw account 0 Product in Winkelwagen. Personally, I think it is an interesting combination. You can see how the tree, unlike the first picture where the tree had a temple-like pot, now seems ficks be standing on top of a “hill”.

Steineibe Microphylla Podocarpus microphylla Chin.

Pflege Ficus Ginseng Einzigartig Bonsai Figowiec Tępy Bonsai Ficus Microcarpa D Ficus Retusa

Generally masculine pots are deep, angular, have clean lines and bonzai feet. Do not hesitate to contact a potter. Ulme Ulmus parvifolia Chin. Tree species Find species-specific information on your tree.

Eibe Taxus cuspidata Jap. Wacholder Juniperus chinensis Chin. This would probably have been my choice of pot if I got the assignment. Feminine pots often have soft lines, delicate feet and are relatively low and sleek. Steineibe Podocarpus chinensis Chin. Sternjasmin Trachelospermum asiaticum Jap. Scheinkamelie Stewartia pseudocamellia Jap.


The rims lip is opening up and symbolizes, strengthens, the male outpouring force. Azalee Osakazuki Rhododendron indicum Osakazuki Jap. You can contact a potter and make a custom order.

It is important for the health of trees. The choice has also fallen on to a yellow pot that picks up and amplifies the red leaves of autumn containing yellow. Azalee Rhododendron indicum Jap. Feigenbaum Panda Ficus Panda Chin. But if you are experienced and know what to look for, there are many auction sites and groups in pfleve media where pots change owners.

Liguster Ligustrum sinensis paniculata Chin.

Bonsai Ficus Ginseng Pflegen

Some go by their gut feeling. Actually, many containers can serve as a pot for a Bonsai treeif they meet certain requirements. Here we have gone all the way and removed the male lip of the pot.

Zierapfel Eleyi Malus hybr. Note that the masculine massive feet are left. Dornenulme Hemiptelea davidii Chin. But what is considered a classic Bonsai pot is that it is made of ceramic or porcelain, and that it is stoneware burned, which means that it absorbs and holds no water in the material. Birke Betula maximowicziana Jap. A finished Bonsai often has undergone years of training to adapt their root system to smaller and smaller pots. Steineibe Macrophylla Podocarpus macrophylla Chin.

Storaxbaum Styrax japonicus Jap. They also bonsxi warmth and stability to the tree.


Remember that there is not only one fitting choice of pot for your tree. Bonsai pots Choosing a Bonsai pot to suit your tree. The sparse branches, the thick scarred bark, matched perfect with a pot with clean, straight lines on stable feet.

Graduated from Schillerska art school in nonsai Therefore, the unglazed brown, gray and earth tones are usually safe choices. Plant Finder Pot Finder Links www. We are used to draw sketches and submit proposals for a pot that would suit your tree.

Bonsai Ficus Ka 1 4 Nstlicher Religiosa Pflege Benjamina Nerifolia Care –

It has a long history and it represents the creator’s grandchildren. Read more about Goshin here. Observe what choices others have done for their pot, discuss with others. This is a textbook example of the perfect combination of pot and tree. But we can also work with contrasting colors like pfflege or cool green.

A lip on the rim strengthens the masculinity, an inward rhyme reinforces the pot femininity. Ulme Ulmus japonica Jap. Schwarzkiefer Pinus thunbergii Jap.

The direct opposite of the feminine bent in, closing. Opened up my own studio in

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