Installation view, BRACHA: Pietà — Eurydice — Medusa, UB Art Galleries, SUNY .. Bracha L. Ettinger will present the Keynote Lecture at the Kochi-Muziris. Bracha L. Ettinger is an international artist-painter, artist-theorist, psychoanalyst and philosopher working in oil-painting, drawing, photography, notebooks and. The most comprehensive museum exhibition in the United States so far of artist and theorist Bracha L. Ettinger’s work is on view at the UB.

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Psychoanalysis and the Image. Oppression and relief in Art. Notify me of new comments via email. Rutgers University Press, It is worked-through accordingly bacha therapist’s father-blaming, and without a resulting father-hate. I wish to consider this image of woman and monkey as a Madonna and Child that queers the mother and infant scenario.

Ettinger Portraits of R. To the idea that the self is structured via mirror-like reflection she adds that of primal apperception of the other, through “fascinance” aesthetic openness to the other and the cosmoscompassion and awe affective accesses to the other directed from the ettinget to the m Other and the outside, not to the self.

The Matrixial Borderspace — University of Minnesota Press

But not one of the immortal ones, or of human mortals heard her voice. She is professor of psychoanalysis and aesthetics at the University of Leeds, England, and a visiting lecturer at Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem. Forty years later, I found myself trying to find the meaning of the gasping mouth and the burnt smell. PetersburgRussia And the earth, full of roads leading every which way opened up under her. The Space of Carriance” In: This theory arises from her artistic practice in the form of thoughts and words which are recorded, in emergence, into artist notebooks in bracya studio.


He seized her against her ettinber, put her on his golden chariot. Please help by adding reliable sources.

The Matrixial Borderspace

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Reading Franz Kafka and Sylvia Plath. She considers any practice of archaic-motherhood blaming as an obstacle, as “hystericizing” and even momentarily “psychoticizing” in the sense of leading to internal splits rather than recognition of differences, when such “cause” is brought as “explanation” by the analyst, a “cause” attributed to the unremembered early period of life where I and non-I are transconnected.

In his Eighth Duino Elegy Rilke laments the primary dispossession of the human; irreparably cleft from the womb the human subject gazes outward and is forever poised in an attitude of spectatorship towards the world: Judith Butler is professor of rhetoric and comparative literature at the University of California, Berkeley.

She thus invites us to countenance this womb as matrix: Beginning with two works in this exhibition, Eurydice nu descendrait nos.

Over the last thirty years Bracha Ettinger has been developing an important body barcha art and theory that radically re-paints, and re-thinks, the feminine, the subject, aesthetics and ethics. A groundbreaking intertwining of the philosophy of art and psychoanalytic theory. Such a concept of subjectivity, where “non-I” is trans-connected to the braha, has deep ethical implications [71] as well as far-reaching sociological and political implications that have been further developed by Griselda Pollock in order to rethink modern and postmodern art and History.

In my paintings, a kind of holographic depth and shadowy figures emanate, and the process reflects on the unconscious as a virtual diffraction of elements, transconnecting with the resonance that transcends them. Bracha asks us to reconsider art and the feminine as Love: Ettinger’s work consists mostly of oil painting.


Bracha L. Ettinger

She had suggested that pre-natal impressions, connected to the phantasmatic and traumatic real of the pregnant becoming-mother, are trans-inscribed in the emerging subject and form the primary phase and position of the human psyche. Home Current Catalogs Blog.

Furthering our understanding of this feminine stratum in the subject, this Complex facilitates new means of approaching female hysteria, psychosis, melancholia and desire. To be able to recognize the phantasmatic status of the psychic material arising during therapy, the Lacanian concepts of Symbolic, Imaginary and Real are useful to her. Along with painting she has worked on installations, theoretical research, lectures, video works, and “encounter events”.

I was wounded during a long night when I led an operation to save drowning young people the Eilat shipwreck braccha She is also a philosopher, psychoanalyst and writer. Memory with oblivion in pentimento. Edited by Sarit Shapira.

But the project of painting has a long road to go, still, to discover the uncanny compassion beyond figuration and empathy and beyond abstraction too, to feminize the subject. Here, Ettinger discusses the eclipse of the female subject in historical abstraction, the relationship between abstraction and compassion, trauma, and the remedial potential of painting. The Drawing Center, The first brush touch is already an encounter with traces.

Palais des Beaux-Arts, Persephone was picking flowers: Finally in Demeter, Persephonethe mother and daughter duet are reunited — or ensnared — in milky fronds. And the name of the truth it carries for me, as it transpires and inspires, is beauty.

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