BRANDT™ MA Series Agitators Agitators serve the drilling industry with high quality and time-proven removal sections, mud mixing sections and slug pits -. BRANDT™ Agitators serve the drilling industry with high quality and Active mud system compartments such as solids removal sections, mud mixing sections, . BRANDT™ agitators serve the drilling industry with high quality and time proven Active mud system compartments such as solids removal sections, mud.

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Containerized mud pump for drilling or well service HP with cat engine, All parts are corrosion protected, and the vibrator housing and screen box are hot-dip galvanized. They are supplied in flanged sections and bolted together making them ideal when lifting height is agitatog. Description Request Item Product Description 3 sets available for sale.

Fluid systems mud agitator 7,5 kw. Continental emsco pump.

Mud Agitators – Southwest Oilfield Products, Inc.

Its rugged design, simplicity and dependability have made it the preferred choice of a majority of operators and contractors. The MA series with Contact your NOV representative for selection and size based on tank geometry for optimal mixing and suspension in each compartment. The horizontally mounted MA series agitator has been the industry standard for many years. Description Request Item Product Description refurbished and tested each unit equipped with drive assembly, clutch, Cat engine with torque converter, all on skids Can be powered with Cat engines or electric Motors.


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Units can be supplied with open bottoms for mounting on an existing tank, or with a bottom collection and distribution tank, as well as with or without surge boxes. Vertically mounted agitators are lighter than right-angle-drive horizontal units, but produce the same mixing results. Hollow pipe shafts are available for deep tanks.

Gardner denver 4×5 pe5ytee. Shafts Several types of shafts are offered.

Mud Agitators

Results 1 – 5 of about 5. The MA-RG Right-Angle Gear series is a double-reduction helical gear designed primarily for applications requiring more than 15 horsepower. Crude oil booster pump. The impellers are sized according to tank volume and expected duty. The entire assembly bolts to a fabricated steel base plate, which is then mounted on the tank.

The unit cleans cuttings at the rate of cubic feel per hour—Ihe equivalent of 75 leet-per-hour drilling inch-diameter hole.

Manufactured by Gardner Denver Condition: The explosion-proof, C-face motor bolts on and couples to the double reduction helical gearbox.

Description HMA-RG Series These agitators feature zgitator triple reduction helical-bevel gear drive system that reduces the rotational speed of the motor to drive the impeller s.


Triplex Liner sizes available: Description Request Item Product Description these three pumps comming off the jackup rig are complete with 2 each GE motors, and chain driven with complete fluid ends.

Brandt mud agitators

Each skid mounted complete with shaft, drive assembly, air clutch and belts with Hollow pipe shafts are available on select models for use in deep tanks. The How diagram shows the modular cleaning unit concept, designed to clean to a predetermined level By adding modules, cleaner levels brsndt reached.

National 12p triplex pumps. The skid mounted MA-RG agitator is very compact. The newly engineered and redesigned Medearis mud shakers have fewer moving parts than any other shale shaker in the Industry, and the simplicity ol construction and operation reduces maintenance costs far below what is considered normal.

All Medearis shaker units are equipped with bypass valves or gates for bypassing the shaker during mechanical maintenance, or when using lost circulation material that should not be screened out of the mud.

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