The Honeymoon Effect by Bruce Lipton explains how we can use our conscious mind to live a happier life with the loving relationships we’ve always wanted. Bruce H. Lipton (Goodreads Author). · Rating details · ratings · 56 reviews. The Honeymoon Effect: A state of bliss, passion, energy, and health resulting. Listen to The Honeymoon Effect Audiobook by Bruce H. Lipton, narrated by Bruce H. Lipton.

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There is nothing overwhelming in this section of the book and it is relatively short. The Author talks about a lot of interesting concepts explained as only uniquely he could having a cellular biologists background but whose thinking has evolved into now considering spirituality and concepts from quantum physics. The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth. The tools for doing so lie within us. Ultimate Success Blocker – A free second quiz that helps you instantly find out what your 1 block to success is, and most importantly, how to release it so that you can have more wealth, happiness and love in your life.

I didn’t like the pseudo-science and I didn’t like the usual smug “my life is amazing” opening chapter, but I really really liked the whole point that the secret to having successful relationships is simply paying attention to what you’re Despite how sceptical I always feel about the self-help genre, I really liked this book. The beginning was the most interesting where they discuss brain chemistry and behavior.

Review: The Honeymoon Effect by Bruce Lipton

Unfortunately for most, the Honeymoon Effect is frequently short-lived. He is regarded as one of the leading voices of the new biology. The resources in the back of the book are fantastic, making it a definite keeper. No other copying or use is permitted without written agreement from the author. May 24, Olga Sotomayor rated it it was amazing. Although brucs book doesn’t provide all the answers to achieve perfect love relationships.

I was curious to learn about it and I was completely astounded by the information which was shared. We are creators, not victims. Accessible and inspiring reading.


So it should be no surprise that I write that this book deals with vibrations and frequencies and how they affect us, our relationships and so forth. Honeymmoon is a Stem cell biologist, bestselling author of The Biology of Belief and recipient of the Goi Peace Award; he has been a guest speaker on hundreds of TV and radio shows, as well as keynote presenter for national and international conferences.

Despite how sceptical I always feel about the self-help genre, I really liked this book. We can capture the honeymoon feeling and live happily ever after.

Posted on September 30, Jul 28, Fateme H. It’s only by shining a light on the parts we want to encourage and the parts we want to steer in a more productive direction that we can ever hope to have any lasting changes. Sep 21, Honeymoonn rated it liked it. Lipton, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit.

After reading his first book, the Belief of Biology, I was hoping this book will show me more how he utilized the knowledge he described in the first book to better his life experiences. Just listen to a one of his webinars and tap into his extraordinary energy field to see what I mean.

The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth

The ability to link the psychology and biology of human relationships will be an eye opener for many readers and the information within this book has the ability to profoundly impact many lives and relationships. Rarely do I listen to a book and rave about its impact on me. A brilliant insight into why if you’re like me you always fail at relationships, why you can’t seem to find anyone and feel as though you’re perpetually forever alone also like mewhy your relationship just went downhill also like meor why things just don’t ever seem to go your way also like me – do you see a pattern emerging here?

We subconsciously repeat past patterns.

Jun 19, Cloris Kylie rated it really liked it. Bruce is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit.

I really, really wanted to listen to this book, maybe I will try to get it on Kindle instead. Lioton most importantly, Lipton explains how to maintain that honeymoon feeling once we find our true love. What would have made The Honeymoon Effect better? It was a shame to come to the end of the book. I’ve never thought that Quantum Phisics properties would apply to relationship. Some extra tools may be necessary to implement the ideas—the author makes some recommendations.


Good author, great book, poor reader Great pointers on how to attract, create and sustain a respectful, loving and boundless relationship. People subconsciously seek familiar patterns from the past, so unless we address underlying psychological issues in ourselves, relationships will only ever last until the initial bursts of love endorphins wear off. Too much positive bullshit.

He has been heartened by anecdotal reports from hundreds of former hkneymoon members who have improved their spiritual, physical and mental well being by applying the principles he discusses in his lectures. What I disliked about the book is that while he has all these ideas swimming about that he has shared with us, he hasn’t quite provided a clear Action plan on having the honeymoon effect last our lifetime.

Review: The Honeymoon Effect by Bruce Lipton

Part common sense, part hard science, and part personal memoir, The Honeymoon Effect is a physiological and often philosophical accounting of what makes people fall and stay in love. The next component of the book, and perhaps the section that contains the most crucial information, is the section on how it is that the conscious mind, full of good intentions, can be overwhelmed by the programming existing in our subconscious mind. He integrates his personal knowledge of biology to talk about human relationships and how to create The Honeymoon Effect which I believe is crucial.

Yet, despite biochemistry, finding the man or woman of our dreams isn’t enough. Bruce talks about the ability to sense good and bad vibrations and trusting your gut instinct. Think of when you learned how to drive.