The CAO Metaalbewerking for covered , employees (FNV CAO , a new basic collective agreement has been agreed for the Metalektro. In this case, the Dutch annual report for will prevail. The collective labour agreement (CAO) specified Metalektro (PME). Maarten van Klaveren and Kea Tijdens. AIAS Publication Series. No. Reprint Normal working hours in the metalektro industry are agreed in the CAO.

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Metaletro Center Find new research papers in: Yet, this initiative dates already from The representativeness of trade un- August ions and employer associations in the insurance sector Marianne Grunell No. Table 14 Gross hourly wages in in the metal industry Mean N Std.

As the government had already an- nounced to end the part-time unemployment scheme, ther text states that the CAO parties will extend and expand this project. Lowest salary scales in the metal industry 25 4. Tijdens eds Bargaining issues in Europe: They said that recently there has been definitely no substantial downward derogation going on Obviously they meant in ; some examples indicate that in this has been otherwise.

The Caao states that firms should make arrange- ments concerning careering, training, and education not related to specific jobs. More general, the attention for training has remained a constant factor throughout the s. The CAO does not provide for maternity metlaektro neither does it provide for parental leave beyond the legal minimum regulation. Re-employment assistance in case of dismissal The Stork Mobile project has been the most well-known example of the employment projects sup- ported by the industry foundation mentioned above.

This was related to the efforts of the national inter-sectoral Taskforce against Youth Unemployment active at the time. Crisis-induced measures to ensure business survival Jointly with the construction and the chemical industries, the metal industry in and the first half of was a major user of the governmental part-time unemployment scheme aimed at supporting compa- nies to retain employees throughout the economic crisis in the Netherlands, rather similar to the Kurzarbeit scheme in Metalektto Bispinck et al, ; Tijdens et al, Different treatment of target groups Metalekktro lowering of the lowest scale in the CAO has been carried out in preparation of the abolishment of the youth wage scales for notably the metalektr year-aged, which was expected to be negotiated in the bargaining round and indeed was: Table 11, below, shows that the industry has a continuous training plan.


Selection Netherlands, metal industry, with valid answer to the coverage question. Bonuses in the metal industry 25 4. Central are measures to meta,ektro workers and have them reaching the pension age in a healthy way. Work experience, apprenticeships, and target groups in the metal industry 20 4.

Cao metalektro downloaden

From the start inholidays could be swapped, but only since also ATV shorter working hours days and overtime could be metakektro in the time bank. It made the connection with their salaries from on more logical, though union negotiators explained that in it did not lead to a de facto wage decrease.

Companies that meet these yardsticks are covered by the CAO Metaal and Elektrotechniek; if they do meet but are not yet covered, they have to change to this CAO. Het NVV tussen loonpolitiek en loonstrijd Else- vier Bedrijfsinformatie Rojer, M. The differences between age categories were much smaller, with those 50 of age and older report- ing the lowest incidence of reorganisations. Part-time work in the metal industry 17 3.

Retirement The current retirement age in the Netherlands is The related agreement stipulated that companies in the industry had to donate the equivalent of 0. As can be de- rived from Table 2 below, the average size of the firms at stake is slightly under employees. In the first two decades, the CAO was undoubtedly wage leader in Dutch industrial relations, maintaining at least for a while old attainments while at the same time introducing new elements Van Doorn et al, ; Hueting et al, The only clause of this kind was and is that concerning the protection of lay union offic- ers, including protection related to dismissal, payment and careering.


Vernieuwing van vakbondswerk en cao. Yet, an apprenticeship employment agreement as agreed in to be offered for an indefinite period to apprentice-employees that successfully completed their training was judged counter-productive in by the social partners, and therefore not prolonged.

Part-time work in the metal industry Employees in the metal industry are entitled to ask their employer to work fewer hours with an equiva- lent decrease in pay: Bargaining and extension arrangements Subsequently, the unions and the staff representation mostly the Works Council have to be involved in talks about which measures should be taken within which time frame, with the goal to avoid forced lay-offs.

The wage increase is 4. Long-term wage trends in the metal industry 21 4. Clearly, this activity is still in its infancy. Steinmetz Codebook and explana- tory note on the WageIndicator dataset, a worldwide, continuous, multilingual web-survey on work and wages with paper supplements.

The s did not show examples of re-employment assistance of a similar magnitude; there have been new initiatives, but their scope was much smaller. Leave arrangements in the metal industry 18 4.

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