Quadrats were made in El Salado Estuary, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México. An area of m 2 was covered, burrows of C. crassum. Author: Smith, Family: Gecarcinidae. Synonyms: Cardisoma latimanus. Photography: Arthur Anker. Scientific data: Coiba National Park, Panama. WoRMS. Cardisoma Crassum. Due to a lapse in appropriations, the majority of USGS websites may not be up to date and may not reflect current.

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Crab entering an artificial burrow. Mangroves capture sediments and toxic substances contributing to water filtration before cardioma the ocean from the rivers Desalination: As a major alternative for vrassum, community tourism plays both a social and environmental role, as it provides an income to families and avoids pressure on the reduced resources found within the ecosystem.

The mouthless crab Cardisoma crassum is a species of terrestrial crab from Family Gecarcinidaewith a bluish purple carapace, claws, and red legs.

Land crab feeding (Cardisoma crassum)

At present, she is President of the National Coordinating Corporation for the Defense of Mangrove Ecosystems, which is a network comprised of organizations of crassum fishermen, gatherers and members of the Council of the International Mangrove Network. Unlike others, the mouthless crab is not able to stay submerged in water for long periods of time. Napa works in community tourism, and promotes organizational strengthening and mangrove restoration activities in communities.

It is particularly important to empower families who harvest crabs, especially in the reintroduction and monitoring of the mouthless crab. Crabs must be maintained in a corral for at least 3 days and cardosoma so as to complete a process of internal cleansing.

In addition to their significant cwrdisoma role, mangrove habitats fulfill important economic, cultural, and social functions for the various communities settled on the banks of estuaries. The disadvantage of this indirect method is that you cannot identify the sex ratio of crabs. A woman gathering mangrove clams. This process is accompanied by training and education of families that harvest the mouthless crab, and carsisoma the importance of sustainable management and enforcement of existing regulations.


As a women leader to the Ecuadorian people living in mangrove communities, Mrs. The total number of traps depends on the size of the site, and the traps are somewhat randomly placed, considering only the size of burrows and location of burrows. The trap contains food bait to lure the crabs in. The destruction of the mangrove forests in the Chone River Estuary, due to pollution and change in land use mangrove forest and salt ponds for the installation of shrimp industryhas caused deteriorated living conditions for families whom have lived off of the ecosystem for many generations.

Then, the baseline is established using indirect methods, by which the number and status of burrows are verified to indirectly estimate the density, structure and biomass of the population.

The contamination of estuarine waters generated throughout the watershed garbage, sewage, agrochemicals from agriculture, livestock and chemicals from the shrimp industryhas intensified the presence of diseases affecting communities doing their artisanal fishing and gathering practices in the estuary. The process of ecological restoration of mangrove ecosystems in the Chone River estuary first requires a series of activities to reduce the main causes of deterioration, including mangrove restoration, which allows for the recovery of optimal conditions to recuperate the productive capacity of the ecosystem and its ecological functions.

Cardisoma Crassum

The main problems faced by these families are:. Part of a quadrant used for indirect sampling in Community Portovelo.

A strong, above ground root system stabilizes the shoreline by reducing erosion by providing protection cardisomw waves and tides Protective barrier coasts: There has not yet been an assessment of the results; however, quarterly monitoring crassuum an increase in population density in the reintroduction sites and in other areas due to crab movement, or individuals seeking new breeding sites.


August 15 to September In Ecuador, mangroves, estuaries, rivers and beaches are national assets for public use, and the law decrees free passage in these areas. Within the mangroves, there are transit easements and paths that craxsum been traveled ancestrally.

FIDES works with schools in the assessment and recovery of ancestral knowledge of mangrove people, through training workshops in schools and colleges, and related events, such as drawing competitions, speech contests, murals, among other activities. Before reintroducing crabs in any given site, crab characteristics are recorded for each individual: It works as a catalyst and regenerator of wetland plant communities, especially in mangrove and tropical humid ecosystems.

Cradisoma a pilot project, these processes include the use of both ancestral knowledge from communities, and scientific knowledge from professionals.

Even so, similar to other species in mangrove forests, cradisoma survival of the mouthless crab is negatively affected by mangrove destruction and overexploitation. In addition to serving as food for other animals, the mouthless crab helps conserve the mangrove ecosystem, as it accelerates the decomposition of organic matter during feeding.

Cardisoma crassum – Wikiwand

Reduce the salinity of water entering mainland Source of organic matter: In order to reintroduce new individuals to an existing population, crab individuals are captured in estuaries with similar conditions to the estuary where the reintroduction is to be done. The first results of this pilot project will be available Decemberwhich will be shared when available.

Measuring mouthless crab individuals trapped during monitoring. Their main activities include:. Google Map link to region.

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