“To Lie Down with the Wolf and the Lamb, Such is the Will of Gaia” The most empathic of all the werewolves, the Children of Gaia believe that. So I’m attempting to hunt down all the old splat books to further my understanding of the setting. I’ve noticed scattered through out the internet. Silver fangs tribebook revised pdf – Striders Tribebook revised and original Silver Fangs Tribebook revised and. silver fangs tribebook revised.

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Some of chilld Ragabash say this vampire is a source of enlightenment, but few agree. While their breeding stock comes from the Fertile Crescent and Phoenicia, the Children of Gaia truly established their tribal identity during the Impergium. The CoG is just the worst of those three. It can be helped, all it needs is love.

First page features a naked wolfman, front and center. You have entered this land of false divisions to heal the rifts, bind up the wounds, and dry the tears of life. Smell how the wind celebrates your presence! Spellbinding Oration lowers the difficulty of Social rolls.

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FATAL & Friends — Tribebook: Children of Gaia

You really could play as one of these characters and develop the respect they have in the setting naturally. The second appendix gives us our sample characters and a summary of the Children of Gaia. Other tribes say we violate this law most of all. You are a disgrace before Gaia.

The worst thing vampires have done is ruin ankhs.

Tribebook: Children of Gaia

Spirit Friend gives you more trlbebook when talking to spirits. Siduri Sabitu from the Epic of Gilgamesh gets a write up here. Yep, Kane thought he was working on the Uktena book.

Originally posted by Lian View Post. The Fetish is Rank 2, and it teaches gaix Rank 1 Gift. Scott Andrews rated it really liked it Apr 13, Eventually everyone on earth will be a sociopath and everyone will just start killing each other and everyone will die.

A lot of the “infamous” Revised splat books failed at that, and did so by trying too hard. Even if they do awful things, they might still secretly really really want to become good people again. A really crappy totem.

Morgan Mcleod rated it really liked it Jul 07, The introduction of a staff fighting style could that be it. He personally defeats high Rage Banes, he solves ancient riddles, and helps defeat the aforementioned elder tribbeook.


They have to balance pacifism and violence!

WtA – Children of Gaia Tribebook (Revised)

Stop your cruelty now or I will stop you. Gloria Clark rated it it was ok Jan 11, The Anointed Ones are flat out unplayable unless everyone in your group signs on to play them, since they refuse to fight.

Aethera Inamorata teaches people how to have good sex. The Apocalypse Revised Tribebooks 3. The bounty here is infinite, and springs from that same eternal source of life gribebook offered you up as a benediction to the world. Chapter 1, Part 2 Well that certainly was a long time. W20 has Jam Weapon which disables all weapons within earshot of the werewolf! The novels are also written by White Wolf all-stars.

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