Anamnese é a entrevista inicial que o técnico de enfermagem ou enfermeiro faz com o paciente. Consiste no preenchimento de uma ficha ou questionário. SAE SISTEMATIZAÇÃO DA ASSISTÊNCIA DE ENFERMAGEM RESOLUÇÃO COFEN/ Dispõe sobre a Sistematização da Assistência de Enfermagem. RESOLUÇÃO COFEN Nº / SB. Sara Bonato. Updated 2 November Transcript RESOLUÇÃO COFEN/ Introdução. Choose a template.

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The form evaluates the variables: Table 2 Description of study categories and evidence. Thus, care planning has been in the background in many realities, once perceived as a difficult activity to be practiced on the Brazilian nursing scene, despite all the logical proposal presented by NCS.

Resolução COFEN 358/2009

Published by Wolters Kluwer Health, Cocen. In this sense, the informant will have the freedom to follow the line of his thought and his experiences within the main focus placed by the investigator. The public servants, nurses, who carry out assistance activities at HUERB will be part of the research participants.

Esc Anna Nerry Rev Enfermagem cofdn In front of these questions, it is hypothesized that nurses do not present sufficient knowledge to develop NCS and the actions to implement it.

To Acre State through the Department of Health for the opportunity to qualify through the agreement n. In it the documents that will be submitted for analysis are selected, the hypotheses and the objectives are formulated and the rules that base the final interpretation are elaborated. Discussion Nowadays, it is urgent to organize the nursing service in public and private units through the implementation of NCS; however, it is still necessary to awake the professionals to the need of searching for knowledge and to reduce the dichotomy between academia and professional practice.

Concepts and movements in health promotion to guide educational practices. Cpfen units, context units, and analytical categories according to the Bardin method Rio Branco, Acre, According to Oliveira et al [ 8 ] and Cruz and Almeida, [ 9 ] the discourses point to a mechanized assistance with low critical clinical reasoning, with a view to fulfilling the routine tasks destined to the execution of the care, being evident the lack of adhesion of the nursing team to a plan of care focused on the patient.

Received 17th July, ; Received in revised form 04th August, ; Accepted 21st September, ; Published online 30th October, Rev Lat Am Enfermagem ; Contributions in the field of public health for decision-making in health. Published online Aug Please review our privacy policy.


Flowchart of the step treatment of the results obtained and interpretation, Source: For that it was carried out an integrative review of literature in databases Latin American and Caribbean Literature on Health Sciences of the Virtual Health Library Lilacs and Medline with the keywords: The investigator should focus on cofenn perception of the decrease of new information in each interview, considering the saturation point when the new interviews do not present additions or insignificant information to the research directed by the objectives of the protocol.

How was the process of training professionals to implement this instrument?


Instrument for nursing consultation of hypertensive patients treated in the Family Health Units. Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil Souza Junior, Luiz C. Propose a model of nursing history to assess the growth and development in pediatric nursing consultation, using the conceptual framework of Wanda Horta. In this stage the construction of the table with the categories and a summary of the evidences that will be submitted to the interpretation of the researcher are going to completed and will support the construction of the final report of the results and final discussion of the research in the light of the NCS literature.

The content analysis CA must be developed through 3 chronological poles allowing the researcher to construct an analysis structure that corresponds to the needs of the research and the objectives of the proposed research; The chronological poles of CA are described as: In this way, in view of the reflections presented so far, some questions are pertinent to help in the cut of the object of this study, such as: Aprova as diretrizes e normas regulamentadoras de pesquisas envolvendo seres humanos.

In order to develop assistance activities with quality, the technology allied to the nursing care systematization NCS directs nurses to an evidence-based practice, valuing the planning capacity necessary for daily practice. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The use of the technique of CA according to the guidelines of Bardin [ 17 ] will help in the interpretation of the speeches of respondents who in many cases do not believe that they are performing practices outside the standard established by the science of nursing; the interpretation of knowledge and practices without a rigorous technique could lead to subjective and superficial interpretations as to what is intended to be analyzed with this protocol of research, but as reported by Minayo [ 15 ] with the support of qualitative research can be reached conclusions that are not measured by statistics.


The mission of HUERB is to provide humanized care with quality and ethics, respecting sociocultural diversity to all who seek an emergency care service. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.

O desafio do conhecimento. For its development, the professional needs cofsn master the 5 stages of this work process; however, problems in the planning and optimization of the human resources can lead the nurse to commit flaws in the service, damaging the final result of the assistance rendered. Considering the need for organization of care, the construction of a roadmap for nursing consultation is essential for a focused attention on the real needs of the clientele 3.

The course was built in modules and will be offered at a distance to reach the largest number of nursing professionals, facilitating access to information and the dissemination of knowledge for nurses and nursing technicians in a country of dimensions continental.

Conselho Federal de Enfermagem. Articles from Medicine are provided here courtesy of Wolters Kluwer Health.

Phase 3—Treatment of results obtained and interpretation: The activities of nurses are developed in an integrated and concomitant way; 38 large dimension of nursing care is possible because the nurse has the vision and knowledge allied to a leader’s posture and collaborative behavior. Flowchart of the material exploration step. This is an open access article distributed under coten Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

COFEN – What does COFEN stand for? The Free Dictionary

Received Jun 18; Accepted Jun Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem ; The nursing process, articulated to a theory of nursing, is an important technological tool in favor of professional care. Monteiro, Fernando Adami, Hugo M.

Skip to main content. The descriptive studies, according to Gil [ 13 ] have as main objective the description of characteristics of a certain population phenomenon or the establishment of relationships between variables obtained through standardized techniques of data collection, such as questionnaire and systematic observation.

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