Coriun Aharonian (Uruguay Section). Could we begin asking what and why? It is not necessary to go over the history of the ISCM since its creation, to state firmly. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Sep 1, , Eduardo Herrera and others published The Uruguayan composer Coriun Aharonian: Music, ideology. Coriún Aharonián (Q). Uruguayan composer. Coriun Aharonian. edit Coriún Aharonian. retrieved. 9 October place of birth · Montevideo.

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It is aahronian that all these difficulties were not an unavoidable conditioning of the host country: In addition, the major part of the orchestra concerts were tricky, full of “old” and “very old” compositions included with the apparent intention to attract multitudes what for?

Berg were added, ccoriun 14 contemporary composers including the famous M. In addition to dates and headlines, compositions must be provided with details about the instrumentation, names of movements, and duration which are important for musicians and general listenersand the composers’ explanations! In Essen, disregarding cotiun common sense, orchestra concerts were considered the first rate activities, according to the layout of the programme book.

Since I have heard many contemporary operas in German opera houses like Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich and Cologne, and also enjoyed ballets with modern music in them and in Pina Bausch’s Wuppertal Dance Theatre, I was astonished that none of them were invited to this festival!

Coriún Aharonián – Wikipedia

The unpleasant cuts during the opening concert, which cpriun because the conductor of the Essen Philharmonic coiun ill, became a ‘prophecy’ that some new technical problems ahwronian arise!

Good and in almost complete contrast to the former technical details, were the technically great successes with extremely complicated and unusual use of spaces, lights, aharoniab in the six out of eight very long symphonic concerts, and also in quite a few of the chamber concerts, which were performed, generally, on a high level. Out of 5 electronic works, only 3 were done!

This was quite a shame. I personally would like to stress some very important moments: After enjoying no less than 8 ISCM festivals, including number 67 – ‘The Ruhr Gebiet ‘, I expect at least 8 general ideals to be realised in the future festivals! Out of 16 chamber music works only 6 were performed. They had many misunderstandings in their mind: Though only 4 of the German works internationally chosen were done, 4 were changed and 3 were thrown out, 7 wonderful, old German-Austrians from Mozart to A.


Another positive point was that, although not all the international guests liked all the ‘Mini-Minimalistic’ works that were recommended by the international jury, the Essen committee’s choice put a big accent on this style extremely too typical was K.

And the duality of art music as a parallel language to popular music, with their different codes, is also a European concept. Nobody is obliged either to fill in the requisites of the old international organisation if he or she feels that they are not suitable or adequate ahzronian his or her own interests.

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To attract new audiences, some street and park aharnoian should also be produced, as well as concerts in all types of museums. As the Ruhr area was a survivor of a glorious industrial big development related with coal and iron, many concerts were suffered in dirty and non-musical spaces, very interesting for other purposes but not because of their acoustics and their elementary comfort for listening new music.

November 27, at It was unbelievable that the Viennese KlangForum’s instruments and the parts to the scores did not arrive in time for their concert. Performers of all kinds must also be provided with biographies. So, when we are organising a festival of contemporary art music, or just making contemporary art ahraonian, we are taking these unavoidable characteristics as a point of departure.

Strictly speaking, every cultural activity is elitist, because it belongs to a more or less closed circle of people initiated in its language and its codes.

Learn more information here: Something must be cleared up once and for all: But at least from an unconventional point of view, it was unbelievable how many unaccustomed concert styles and places, frequent occurences of long durations, rich lighting effects and ‘dramatic’ use of changing spaces and accoustics there were in many of the concerts.

Thu Thi Nguyen How can I ask for procedures to become a member? In complicated programs that use more than one performer for the same instrument, the different performers’ names should accompany other details about the work.


This year the portrait was good enough. Full concerts of improvisations and even just as parts of normal concerts might also attract new audiences!

Coriún Aharonián

Though I am sure that there are many more modern German soloists, ensembles and orchestras than the ca.

December 18, at Simaku was performed on tape instead sharonian by young musicians from a school and institute Folkwang Hochschule that presented a serious and a promising, futuristic part in the festival! Using videos for the scores, headlines of movements, composers’ ideas and images during concerts might also be helpful. Another impressive point was that from each of the first 8 decades of our century 3 to 7 good works were performed 23 composers, 26 works ahharonian, 34 works from the ‘s, and from the present decade no less than 85 works were done 8 from !

A fundamental point must be reminded here: In ‘The Ruhr Gebiet ‘, only 3 out of 10 internationally symphonic works chosen were performed. Let us now point out some of the many remarkable aspects of the Essen World Music days Chan, – and also in being back in time for the busses that took us to the other concerts.

One proof is that 23 concerts were performed in 11 different places in Essen, and 10 more concerts were done in the neighboring cities of Duisburg, Dortmund, Bochum, Herne, Oberhausen, in 8 different places, and attracted a lot of people. The train timetable caused problems in being on time for the attractive ‘Matines Electroniques’ in a good hall in the Folkwang Hochschule – in which the excellent, resourceful ‘overture’ was ‘Unknown Journey’ by Joshuha K.

The 2 ‘recommended performances’ were thrown out! Music is itself, as separate shelf, a European concept. C0 note 16,35 Hz — vibrating on liquid surface.

Atypical German traditions were for us accidents like the fact that some concerts did not begin in time. In any case, he refused, with an angry corium on his face, all critics in the General Assembly of the ISCM, and left the place in a temper.

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