Cunard Line,Ltd: Managing Integrated Marketing Communications Cunard line ltd. Is a Landon based cruise and steamship company whic. Free Essay: Case Study: Cunard Line Ltd., Managing Integrated Marketing Communications 1. For , why did they select the marketing. “Managing Integrated Marketing Communications”— Presentation transcript: 1 Managing Integrated Marketing Communications Cunard line, Ltd. Managing.

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Lower prices may imply a less than luxury quality product and will not attract the wealthier consumer. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.

Primarily out of American ports to the Caribbean, Alaska and the South Pacific One annual round-the-world cruise Capacity of approximately The disadvantages of offering this last product is that competition exists from other cruise lines who are marketing a less sophisticated image and who can afford to offer discount cruises aboard their 4-star ships. Another example of strategic advertising is with the Vistaford super luxury ship magazine ad which highlights its superior services.

The overall outcome was to achieve immediate sales results. This will maintain the luxury brand image.

Cunard Line Ltd.: Managing Integrated Marketing Communications

,arketing is hard for Cunard to compete in this arena and to offer budget cruises while maintaining their quality image. The product mix is serving to distort the high end brand image of Cunard as they are offering discount cruises in addition to high end luxury vacations. Can you give an example of an upward brand extension in the fashion industry and the is Or ontegrated you need this sample for free, we can send it to you via email.

The dilemma facing the marketing executive is formulating an integrated marketing communicatikns that can be successful for each product, if possible. Buyer Analysis The typical profile of a passenger on a Cunard ship is well-educated and married.

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Cunard Line Ltd Managing Integrated Marketing Communications Case Solution – Case Analysis

Problem Statement How can Cunard Line change its marketing strategy and marketing mix to improve profits and continue to have the image of the most luxurious cruise line offering the highest quality in cruise vacations? This will waste marketing resources and will have a negative effect on the Cunard brand name. Even if the llne falters, there will still be a small percentage of people who will be willing to pay high prices for a luxury item such as a cruise aboard the QE2.

I think the company effectively makes the distinction between the offerings of the individual ships, and to create awareness of the super luxury cruise. In addition to its focus on services and cruises, all the exhibits focus on the corporate image of Cunard as the images reflect a first class dining experience.

Managing Integrated Marketing Communications – ppt video online download

Polands A2 Motorway Case Solution. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Business and Environment Business History Entrepreneurship. There seems to be some blurring as to the company mission as, on the one hand, they ptd providing high class, luxury cruising in a 4-star environment, but on the other hand, they are also providing less formal, and somewhat less expensive 4-star cruising.

The company has to discount cruises to reach capacity on their ships in an effort to remain profitable, and their 4-star cruises are being threatened communications competitors.

Either a brand has a high end image or it has a budget image. Impacting consideration of the cunzrd is a period of economic conditions adversely affecting sales, along with the effects of the U.

By providing cheaper cruises, they will be more successful in filling capacity than Cunard.

Cunard is confusing its long term and short term goals. Their marketing strategy can be centralized and costs lowered as there will no longer be a need for a separate marketing manager for each ship. Prices should not be dropped as the demand for luxury cruises with Cunard is fairly inelastic.


The Beijing Dream Case Solution. Inside the prevailing difficult economic conditions, it’s introduced modifications in the marketing technique to have the ability to search for an account balance between proper and tactical objectives communicationw the organization. Chapter 16 Sales Promotion and Merchandising. Cite View Details Educators.

Price points for luxury cruises are elastic, lower prices may decrease sales. Related to this is the overall mix of marketing communications tools used by Cunard–media advertising, direct marketing, etc. Looking at the Exhibits i. It is important, therefore to continue to make use of companies who can provide consumer information, historic, demographic and profiling, so that Cunard is able to provide marketing materials that are tailored to the needs and profiles of potential customers.

Cunard needed to strategically allocate the budget for marketing communications and branding, maintain uniformity in its communication efforts — all while finding the right balance between tactical and strategic branding. Cunard, the world’s oldest luxury line company, is confronted with several key issues involving its marketing and marketing communications strategy. If people in this target market are suffering from a decreased income, they may be less inclined to purchase a cruise, particularly one that is offered by a more expensive line such as Cunard.

This product integraed also elastic but in the opposite way, lower prices may increase sales. In addition, the team was challenged with an overall mix of marketing communications tools used by Cunard, as well as emphasis in marketing communications between focus on the Msnaging corporate identity and focus on the identity of the individual ships.

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