Abstract. VERGARA GARAY, Oscar et al. GROWTH CURVE DETERMINATION FOR CREOLE HAIR SHEEP USING THE GOMPERTZ MODEL IN THE LOW. Estimación de curvas de crecimiento de codorniz japonesa utilizando el modelo Gompertz. Raji, A.O.1; Alade, N.K.1 and Duwa, H 1Department of Animal. El modelo Gompertz en el crecimiento de los cerdos .. La curva de Gompertz permite generar asimetría alrededor del punto de inflexión y alcanza este punto.

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The function also adheres to the sigmoid functionwhich is the most widely accepted convention of generally detailing a population’s growth.

However, the inflection age weeks and weight grams reported for male and females respectively, durva this study were lower than 2. J Anim Vet Adv9: The differentiation between energy used at rest and metabolic rate work allows for the model to more precisely determine the rate of growth.

Gompertz function – Wikipedia

However, male and female Japanese quails did not have identical growth patterns. Thus, there seems to be an antagonistic relationship between asymptotic weight and growth rate since females with higher asymptotic weight had lower growth rate and were late maturing while the reverse was observed with males.

However, there is a fundamental difference: Estimation of model gmpertz of the Japanese quail growth curve using Gompertz model. The law rests upon an a priori assumption that a person’s resistance to death decreases as his age increases. The assumption that there is no competition for resources holds true in most scenarios. In this study, females reached inflection age three days later than males. Growth curves can be used for pre-selection of animals as it provides prediction of future growth at any age.

To assess growth characteristics in animals have been used mathematical models, which describe the relationship between the age of the animal, its rate of growth and maturity.


One hundred and twenty one 54 male and 67 females Japanese quails hatched from eggs collected from unselected and random mating parents were used for the study.

Thus, males matured faster than females though the latter had higher mature curav.

Gompertz function

Higher asymptotic weight in females has also been reported in the pearl gray guinea fowl Nahashon etal. Mathematical analysis and biomedical inferences”.

Note that, in absence of therapies etc. It was commonly used by insurance companies to calculate the cost of life insurance. Curves Demography Time series models.

It is a three parameter growth function with a smooth sigmoid behavior and fixed point of inflection that has been cited as the model of choice for poultry data because of its overall fit and biological meaning of the model parameters Anthony et al. The Gompertz model adequately described the growth of both male and female Japanese quails though the pattern of growth differed. They are, particularly, important for egg production tompertz Japan and South East Asia and meat production in Europe Minvielle, Different mathematical growth models have been used to define growth curves.

Services on Demand Article. Energy conservation can be used gomperrz model such growth, irrespective of differing masses and development times. In ce to its lean meat, the egg is lower in cholesterol as compared to chicken Gompert et al.

These authors reported higher values for males than females. Genetics and breeding of Japanese quail for production around the world. After hatching, the chicks were individually weighed and labeled before brooding for two weeks.

It is easy to verify that the dynamics of X t is governed by the Gompertz differential equation:. Estimated coefficients for the Gompertz model parameters of the Japanese quail are presented in table Cuva. The asymptotic weights for male and female Japanese gomperhz in this study were lower than Differences in A between genders have been reported in the Japanese quail Akbas and Oguz, ; Aggrey et al.


The function curve can be derived from a Gompertz law of mortalitywhich states the rate of absolute mortality decay falls exponentially with current size.

The growth of most galliforms including poultry conforms closely to the shape of the Gompertz. Similarly, the SD also increased with age as is common with time series data Aggrey ; Nahashon et al. Comparison of non-linear growth models to describe the growth in Japanese quail.

Sin embargo, los modelos de crecimiento de las codornices machos y hembras, currva son iguales. The Gompertz curve or Gompertz function, is a type of mathematical model for a time series and is named after Benjamin Gompertz Rev Bras Zootecn Moreover, more recently it has been noticed [7] that, including the interaction with immune system, Gompertz and other laws characterized by unbounded F 0 would preclude the possibility of immune surveillance.

Estimación de curvas de crecimiento de codorniz japonesa utilizando el modelo Gompertz

The higher values reported in these studies could be because the authors obtained higher asymptotic weights for quails in their respective studies. As noticed by Steel [5] and by Wheldon, [6] the proliferation rate of the cellular population is ultimately bounded by the cell division time.

Gompertz model allowed describing the growth of creole sheep in conditions of grazing in the low tropics.

Animal model analysis of genetic co variance of growth traits in Japanese quail.