This is the first part of our tutorial series. In this tutorial we’re going to make our first program. So open up DarkBASIC Professional and we’ll get. The best way for beginners to learn a programming language is through simple tutorials that get them to use and understand basic commands by making simple . DarkBASIC Tutorials We built DarkBASIC so you could easily write your own games and programs.

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October 15, Posted by gamemakingtutorials Part 1 – Hello World!

This link will take you directly to their section on Programming. The sprite obviously must exist if not you’ll get a runtime error stating that the “bob” or sprite does not exist. Remember in the file manager program we had some confusing formats of files in there. I think tomorrow your gonna have a break-out of game programming. Every time the sync command is used the screen is updated constantly.

I have a youtube channel with over Project Videos! Again they must exist has I stated, and you must have two, again I’m stating the obvious but there are pretty dumb people out there. This game is complete, all things should work if not feel free to email me at: Well, sync on allows us to manually refresh the screen. The final line, wait keytells the computer to not continue until a key is pressed on the keyboard.


Before we start, if we leave the computer to take care of our game’s framerate then our game will run slow and differently on different paced computers. Want to Learn how to make a video Game but not sure where to start?

Place these lines of code inbetween the sprite command and the sync command.

Click here for a list of tutorials featured in the TGC Newsletters. Use the sync rate command, to set the xarkbasic the frame refreshes, mostly 30 is good for 3d games in DarkBASIC, and 40 for 2d games is also good too, but use 30 to make sure.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Your main question may be what is a sprite? The transparentcy ranges from 0 to You must use your own images, only the source code is included. The first line is a comment. No this game is not a text role playing game, we’ll make a text role playing game in the next lesson.

Dark Basic Guides

This rutorial the first part of our tutorial series. First you will learn about the principles of programming, then advance onto media and 3-D topics with further study.

Go directly to the list of top sellers. Evil Elves have captured you in their prison, now you must escape the Dungeon of Doom. The basic equations are explained in chapter 6 of ” Physics for Game Developers “. First, download this graphic:. Remember the sync rate 60 command we used earlier? This tutorial will explain to you how a pixel-scrolling map works, complete with a working example at the end. Books on Programming Amazon.


Dark Basic Professional Beginner’s Tutorials

Making great video games while you learn how to program. The syntax of deleting a sprite is simple: These tutorials use free software that tutoria, require any programming.

Contribute your work to my Website. This chapter we’ll be making a text adventure using more text commands you’ll now learn.

More or less, it simply covers how to implement darknasic equations of projectile physics. Sync rate 60 tells the computer at what frame rate we should be refreshing the screen.

Dark Basic is perfect for you. It’s purpose is to create a simple scrollable 2D map.

Make video games with DarkBASIC

The game loop is where our game starts to happen. It stands for Red, Green, Blue, tutodial at your monitor with a lens you’ll see lots of those pixels in those colors. Home I have a youtube channel with over Project Videos! Now then your assignment to show you know what’s going on is to go back and add in comments describing what’s happening in each.