For hucksters, poker is a way of life. It’s not just a means of making a living ( although it can be mighty useful that way, too). No, it’s their gateway to the Hunting. Deadlands Classic: Hucksters & Hexes – For hucksters, poker is a way of life. It’s not just a means of making a living (although it can be mighty. Hucksters and Hexes – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Dedicated To: Joyce, who is all the magic | need, Deadlands created by.

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For 1 Power Point the target forgets the last seconds 1 round2 Power Points the last hexee minute, 3 Power Points the last 5 minutes, 4 Power Points the last 10 minutes, 5 Power Points the last hour, and 6 Power Points the last 6 hours. This trick allows the huckster to prevent a Mad Science Gizmo or Infernal Device from malfunctioning on any but snake eyes. Otherwise, it works as per the Dispel Power. This simple but potentially life saving trick determines which direction North, South, East and West are.

Even works on target using concealing magic such as Ghost Trail or simular. Novice Power, Power Points 0 Range: The huckster can cast this on others and sees them as he would normally.


This hex reveals information to the possible future a one person, place, or thing. A Raise on the casting allows the user to project a particular hucskters as well. Ace In the Hole Blast: Ascendant campaigns can view previous versions of their pages, see what has changed and who did itand even restore old versions. Works as per the Stun Power.

With the aid of the manitou, the caster can summon a recently departed soul back to their body. See the relevant type for ability descriptions. Automatically stops target from bleeding out from their wounds. This bonus does not stack with disguise kits or other appearance altering powers.

You should check them out. Seasoned Power; Power Points: Most want to go take deadlxnds nap or sit for dsadlands spell. The caster can see through thin objects like playing cards or clothing.

Enabler – though part of another action. Creates a swirling ball of destructive wind and energy about a yard in diameter that can typically only harm inanimate objects due to its slow buildup time which makes it easy to dodge.

The huckster does get a 2 on their Hexlinging vs. Hexes are full powers that when take count as a Power. Anyone who makes a Notice or Knowledge: This hex hides the target behind a veil of magic that makes most folk ignore them.


Those who make their Smarts roll manage to close their eyes in time. Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page.

Huckster Hexes

Makes for a very dramic entrance. How to join this site? This hex creates an illusionary double of the caster.

Something does not work as expected?

Deadlands Classic: Hucksters & Hexes

The palms and feet or the person become incredliy adhesive even through gloves and shoes allowing the target to climb walls and ceilings as per the Wall Walker Power.

Anyone in the area must make a Guts roll, -2 on a Uucksters. Smarts; Duration Instant Deuces Wild!: Attempting to remember from this time requires target to make a Smarts roll with a Raise. March 09, This spell can impersonate other faces, but only it the huckster has seen then person or has a photograph ready. Creates an near invisible, magical shield that deaflands target. Concentration Interpret Speak Language: JavaScript is currently disabled.

Huckster – Weird West

It creates sharp, jack-like spikes from the ground. Hexslinging roll to resist. Seasoned Power; Power Points ; Range:

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