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Production 3, 3, 1, 4, Integrated Figuerola, L., Estad? stica de Barcelona en (Madrid, ). Garc?a Bala??, A., . comisi?n nombrada de efecto en Real Decreto de 10 de Noviembre de Decreto Supremo N°/, y sus modificaciones, y el Decreto Supremo 3, WALES. UNIVERSITY OF WALES TRINITY ST DAVID. 3, MEXICO. UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DEL ESTADO DE. Including related laws (edicta, decreta, notitiae, Jean Domat, (Table K3). Hugo Doneau (Donellus), (Table. K3). A-Z. Universities. By place, A-Z. Subarrange each by Table K A-Z.

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We may be adversely affected by changes in the laws and regulations applicable to educational platform providers, particularly by changes that impose accreditation and re-accreditation requirements on educational platforms and impose certain academic requirements for educational platform courses and curricula. Accordingly, we expect quarterly fluctuations in our cash flows.

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Replaces chapter II relating to employee representatives and unfair labour practices and implements sections 6, 9, 10, 18 and 19 of Executive Order of 29 October In the absence of employees’ consent, union representatives are required to show an occupational health need to see re exposure records. Establishes a decreo for the conduct of negotiated rulemaking by Federal agencies, one of the findings listed in section 2 being that “negotiated rulemaking can increase the acceptability and improve the substance of rules, making it less likely that the affected parties will resist dd or challenge such rules in court.

Any of these factors could lead to labor market volatility and generally impact income, purchasing power and consumption levels, which ve limit growth and ultimately have a material adverse effect on us.

We believe that we have developed a strong capability and track record of identifying, negotiating and integrating acquisitions. This litigation, if instituted against us, could adversely affect our financial condition or results of operations.

We face significant competition in each program we offer and each geographic region in which we operate. These provisions edcreto have the effect of depriving our shareholders of the opportunity to sell their shares at a premium over the prevailing market price by discouraging third parties from seeking to obtain our control in a tender offer or similar transactions. Information technology is an essential factor of our growth given that we deliver content through an integrated online educational platform.

The delivery of printed books to schools is a seasonal activity, with a cycle beginning with the creation and revision of content generally from April to July, the purchase of printing services from August to October, and delivery from November to 9168.

The Decretk Protection Agency is promulgating a significant new use rule for this toxic substance on the belief that it may be hazardous to human health and that the uses described in this rule may result in significant human exposure.


Depending on the circumstances, either devaluation or. Donald 31555 John Guzman. This may afford less protection to holders of our Class A common shares. The Code calls in particular for desegregating places of employment, providing equal employment opportunity for all employees without regard to race or ethnic origin, establishing minimum wages and non-racial pay systems, and recognising the right of all employees to form, join and assist labour organisations section Amends Title III of the Job Training Partnership Act LS USA 1 by replacing the definition of “dislocated workers” and providing new financing arrangements in conjunction with the statesection Calls for maintaining data on failed farms and ranchesection Requires, in sectionthe Secretary of Labor to conduct a biennial study on the extent to which countries recognise and enforce, and producers fail decreot comply with, internationally recognised worker rights as further defined therein.

Our revenue derives from the contract fees per student that we generate from the sale of our educational content to our partner schools. If we lose this status, we would be required to comply with the Exchange Act reporting and other requirements applicable to U.

The definition of unreasonable practices subject to retaliation has been expanded to include a persistent pattern of violating internationally accepted workers’ rights. We cannot predict if investors will find our Class A common shares less attractive because we may rely on these exemptions.

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Powers and duties of the Authority. An Act to amend title 10, United States Code, to prohibit union organization of the armed forces, membership in military labor organizations by members of the armed forces, and recognition of military labor organisations by the government and for other purposes. We are susceptible to illegal or improper uses of our educational platform, which could expose us to additional liability and harm our business. The material weakness identified relates to our insufficient accounting resources and processes necessary to comply with the reporting and compliance requirements of IFRS and the U.

We have in the past and may in the future receive such communications, which we assess on a case-by-case basis. Delisting by the Environmental Protection Agency of terephthalic acid from the list of toxic chemicals under section of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, thereby relieving facilities of their obligation to report releases of terephthalic acid that occurred during the calender year.

We provide a complete pedagogical methodology and technology-enabled features to deliver educational content to private schools in Brazil. Revisions to rules governing summary judgment procedures of the National Labor Relations Board.

The information contained in, or accessible through, our website is not incorporated into this prospectus or the registration statement of which it forms a part. Several problems regarding our information technology structure, such as viruses, hackers, system interruptions and other technical difficulties may have a material adverse effect on us and our business.

Additionally, a shortage of qualified editors, employees, publishers or suitable purchased content or a decrease in the quality of produced or purchased content, whether actual or perceived, or a significant increase in the cost to engage or retain qualified personnel or acquire content, would have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations.


Authorization and encouragement of Federal agencies to use mediation, conciliation, arbitration, and other techniques for the prompt and informal resolution of disputes, and for other purposes. If our share price fluctuates after this offering, you could lose a significant part of your investment. Higher Education Amendments of Conversely, more lenient government and Central Bank policies and interest rate decreases have triggered and may continue to trigger increases in inflation, and, consequently, growth volatility and the need for sudden and significant interest rate increases, which could negatively affect us and increase our indebtedness.

Makes provision for obligation of Government contractors to inform employees about their rights concerning payment of union dues and fees. Our network of partner schools to which we make available our educational platform and to which we supply the related educational materials currently comprises 1, partner schools. These amendments of the U.

Substantially all of the inventory for our printed teaching materials is located in warehouse facilities leased and operated by us and then delivered by a third-party shipping company that handles shipping of all physical learning materials. In the event that such industry consolidation intensifies, a trend that has been and is currently taking place in the post-secondary education industry in the country, we may face increasing levels of competition in the markets in which we operate.

Amends Executive Order No. Continuation of existing laws, recognitions, agreements, and procedures. Federal Labor Relations Authority. Also prohibits discrimination on this basis. Our acquisition strategy is focused on expanding our operations into new regions within Brazil decretk adding new products and technologies to accelerate our pace of innovation and broaden our footprint.

Failure to adequately protect personally identifiable information could potentially lead to penalties, significant remediation costs, reputational damage, the cancellation of existing decrdto and difficulty in competing for future business. You should assume that the information appearing in this prospectus is accurate only as of the date on the front cover of this prospectus, regardless of the time of delivery of this prospectus or any sale of the Class A common shares.

We are currently experiencing a period of significant expansion and are facing a number of expansion-related issues, such as the acquisition and retention of experienced and talented personnel, cash flow management, corporate culture and internal controls, among others.