One Liter of Tears – A Young Girl’s Fight for Life (Aya’s Diary). Tankobon Softcover. $ 1 Liter of Tears – Aya’s Diary of the Girls Continue the Fight Against. Introduction to Kito Aya and Her Diary木 藤 亜 也 (Aya Kito)(July – May 23, ) went into eternal sleep at the age of 26, surrounded by flower. 12 quotes from Aya Kito: ‘I want to be like the air. Aya Kito quotes Showing of “I want to be like the air. tags: 1-litre-of-tears, a-diary-of-tears · 51 likes.

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He put some ice in a plastic bag for me.

“The Complete Diary of Aya – 1 Liter of Tears.”

She suddenly fell into a coma and stopped breathing. Today, when I was trying to grab the edge of the bathtub so that I could get into a half-sitting posture, I fell on my bottom. My right leg and knee sting. At my request, we had cold tofu and sashimi for dinner.

I’ll gain some strength and help with the housework. I’ve learned a little sign language. That caregiver had never showed that kind of attitude to me when I met her at the hospital. Chapter 1 14 Years Old – My Family If I remain timid, thinking I’m disabled, I’ll never be able to change myself! The problem was ayaa timing of a replacement.

I can only say how really grateful I am to everyone. Because I couldn’t easily express myself, I lost my temper and cried. Today there is no remedy available. And he knew that the disease was ‘slow but progressive. This may cause you some anxiety when you’re in hurry.

Kitou Aya’s Diary | ASIAN DRAMA WORLD

I wanted her to know how desperately I’m trying to live. Today was my last day in the hospital. In the toilet, it struck me that perhaps Auguste Rodin came up with the idea of creating The Thinker when he was sitting in a toilet. Sharp-eyed Aya mentioned the names of the seriously ill diaary to me and asked, “Will I be like them soon? I think it would be perfect for you.

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Diary of Kitou Aya . One Litre of Tears

My family reckoned I must feel lonely being all by myself during the day, so they got me a cat. By the time I got it out, he was already a long way down the corridor. I tumbled in the bathroom. Firstly, I having difficulty logging into blogger to key in the entries cause it always show empty pages and I have to try refresh and refresh, clear temporary files and many many things then with some luck it might work but sometimes also cannot.

Whenever I;m weak physically and mentally and feeling deeply discouraged, she comes to my rescue. Do you have anyone in mind?

I’ll play it again without worrying about upsetting the neighbours. He’s also Koro the dog’s foster father. You told me that I should only go and see you once a month yaa the hospital’s far away and I have to go to school. But we often went to the hospital on the same day and met each other in the corridor. Unless I take care eating things – however tasty they may be – it could prove fatal. Keep stretching your Achilles tendon and do lots of deep breathing excercises.

As I was breaking four eggs and putting them in the pan to make some scrambled eggs, I suddenly thought about I-sensei. I lost Y and my purse.

I cried so much, my eyes hurt. My eyes filled with tears of relief and gratitude.


Pictures of Kito Aya when she was alive and struggling for her life. Yamamoto told me my disease won’t get better, I have prepared myself to burn dixry the full and then disappear all at once, hoping for a short life. Holding desperately on to the handrail along the side of the corridor, I told myself “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid!

Why should something deformed be lucky? I started watching One Litre of Tears during beginning Iitou 06 and was so touched by the story. She died without being able to cry out.

I guess those patients and their families who stay with me have thoughts similar to mine as their doctor. I don’t know whether it really had a labor shortage or it was just that nobody wanted to help Aya because the rumor was gong around that she was a difficult case. She looked smaller somehow or other. She helped me drink lemon soda with a spoon, one spoonful at a time.

I met the matron in the corridor. My new castle is the place nearest to the closet. I will never forget Aya’s large, shivering eyes and surprised expression at that moment. Yamamoto that I’ll try to be able to ride in my wheelchair by myself by the next time I see her. The Chairman of the Association of Caregivers had told us that the family must look after the patient until the next caregiver is found. On the contrary, I want to live.

After the consultation, Dr.