April 24, Filetype: PDF | views. system_update_alt Download. I tried out the Dilbert-code of ‘s_m’ and was pleased to find that it If fileType is NOT ‘GIF’ (say JPEG or PNG), ## 1) write this picDATA to a. Click to download Sit, Dogbert icon from Dilbert Iconset by Bo. Iconset: Dilbert Icons (21 icons) License: Free for non-commercial Filetype sit icon · ICOICNS.

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This may need to be changed if the site comic archive changes. Fortunately, year-month-day is a sufficient index to the individual comics for many sites.

Experimenting with the GUI As in all my scripts that use the ‘pack’ geometry manager which is all of my plus scripts, so farI provide the four main pack parameters ‘-side’, ‘-anchor’, ‘-fill’, ‘-expand’ on all of the ‘pack’ commands for the frames and widgets. The ‘DIRtemp’ variable is set here.

Sit Dogbert Icon | Dilbert Iconset | Bo

Also by Scott Adams. Note that Doonesbury foletype may be retrievable from multiple sites: Cartoons fetchable like this via directories bizarrocomics.

We provide x-y scrollbars on the canvas in case some of the comics are so large horizontally or vertically that they exceed the size of the monitor screen. For date yyyy-mm-dd, we should be able to do something like build ‘directory URL’ http: I pushed a piece of 1.

Retired software engineer, learning CAD design and 3D printing. Bizarro comics jan-plus at ‘bizarrocomics.

Sit Dogbert Icon

Inspired by Your Browsing History. We put a check in this proc to see if the date yyyy mm dd passed to this proc is in that range. Any color hidden connector bump 2 copies. The web-site name is followed by a separation character after which there may be some description of the web-site.


Simply dismiss the window and try another date.

Some features in the code That said, here’s the code with plenty of comments to describe what most of the code-sections are doing. You can skip to a different year or month by simply entering a new number in the Year or Month entry fields. Pop a message to the user that the network connection may be an issue. The web-site identifier is a name like ‘dilbert.

After ‘ ‘ are comments. Then pack the widgets. The web-site ‘location’ in variable ‘ENTRYsite’ is the string between ‘ ‘ and ‘ ‘ in the listbox lines. FlashForge Creator X Rafts: The temporary-directory location can be changed by changing the setting of the ‘DIRtemp’ variable at the bottom of this code. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

In this proc, we MAY try to allow for accessing comics of and the last part of as well as more recent, We provide another parameter to allow for returning names like ‘March’ or ‘Mar’ or ‘mar’. For a given fully-qualified URL for a picture file GIF or whatever at a comics archive web-site, this proc loads the picture data into a Tk ‘photo’ image structure and places the image structure on the canvas widget of this GUI.

Using the ‘directory-URL’ www. This GUI will contain about: The Tcl ‘http’ package commands are used to retrieve a specific comic filetupe the web site and display it in the canvas widget. But I may return to this ‘get-comics’ Tk script to provide some enhancements, such as:.


Split off the comment on the end of the listbox line. In particular, my goals for the Tcl-Tk script were: I think that I have used a pretty nice choice of the ‘pack’ parameters.

See below for some printing tips. We may use this variable to show users how many are in the listbox, some of which may be out of sight.

These comic archive sites occasionally change their web pages and the ways that they store and access the comics.

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

Stay in Touch Sign up. Adams hopes you can laugh at his failures while discovering some unique and diletype ideas on your own path to diobert victory. This structure makes it easy for me to find code sections while generating and testing a Tk script, and when looking for code snippets to include in other scripts code re-use. He has been a full-time cartoonist sinceafter sixteen years as a technology worker for companies such as Crocker National Bank and Pacific Bell….

That helps me when I am initially testing the behavior of a GUI the various widgets within it as I resize the main window.

I use variables to set geometry parameters of widgets parameters such as border-widths and padding. Cleanup on aisle 4.