Norbert Burgmuller () was born in Düsseldorf, the youngest son in a musical family. His father was the director of a theatre, and his mother, a singer. Sheet Music – £ – Clarinet, Piano. Burgmueller, N. Burgmuller Duo for clarinet and piano – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. Burgmuller Duo for clarinet and piano.

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Rezension in NZfM, Burgmhller. This might be particularly relevant to op. An alternative solution might be to take a quick breath after the first quaver G of bar 79 and a quick breath on the bar-line between bars 80 buegmuller 81 and again in bar 85 if needed. The performance was part of an evening of musical entertainment at the Conservatorium of Music.

For instance the clarinet music of Brahms and Schumann often highlighted this tension by simultaneously putting groups of two notes against groups of three; bars of the first movement of Brahms sonata op.

Burgmüller, Norbert – Duo in E Flat Op15

Heinrich Baermann for instance was praised in the Journal de Paris for the distinct timbre and extreme softness of dynamic that he could produce on the clarinet which was seemingly new to Paris at this time. This happens for example in bars 37 and 42 of the first Allegro and bar 53 of the second Allegro.


In terms of expression, Hoeprich notes what some of the leading clarinet treatises suggest. Carl Fischer EditionNew York Log In Sign Up.

Duo for Piano and Clarinet, Op.15 (Burgmüller, Norbert)

For example, the Schott edition matches almost exactly with the Kistner dui. Scherzo completed by R. Evidence suggests that the piano part of op. Help Center Find new research papers in: Although it is not a solo work for clarinet and piano, 43 Hoeprich, The Clarinet It is therefore important in both parts to strictly observe the difference between dotted notes and triplets to emphasise the feeling of two against three.

Kistner later published op. Contemporary treatises on playing the clarinet as well as treatises written for other musical instruments provide a wealth of technical information about clarinet playing in this period c. In einem Brief vom A little later Brahms wrote two sonatas for clarinet or viola and piano op.

Whereas this might not be desirable or as easy to achieve on a modern Boehm or Oehler-system clarinet, clarinettists can for example enliven the sound by altering the amount and speed suo the air flow and the grip of the embouchure to achieve a variety of tone-colours.

Yale University Press, They became engaged in Edition Schott, Mainz These instances require not only a slight change in tempo and dynamic but also a change in timbre and tone-colour from the clarinettist in-particular.

Dem Tonumfang des Instruments entsprechend teilweise von der Klarinettenstimme abweichend.


The performers were the solo clarinettist of the Gewandhaus Orchestra, Johann Friedrich Landgraf, and the benefactor of the concert Heinrich Stiehl, a pianist and composer from St. The Historical Performance of Music: Duo for clarinet and piano op.

Duo Eb Majir op. 15 – clarinet & piano

Wherever possible it is advisable to obtain a facsimile of the manuscript of a work as this usually provides a clear reference to what the composer wrote in terms of articulation, phrasing and dynamics for example. The work was performed as part of a large vocal and instrumental Concert hosted by the theatre singer Josephine Michalesi.

The burgmhller slight discrepancy in the clarinet part is in bar 13 and similar musical examples. Hacker, Alan and Richard Burnett. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

As the piano has various important soloistic moments throughout the piece, it is also important to know the piano part well as the clarinet occasionally interrupts the piano solo before it has fully finished. Grenser provide examples of op.

As Kistner was working from the manuscript of op. A complete list of his works includes two symphonies No.

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