international certification bodies for its quality system and environmental management system. E5jK-T Series. E5CK-T. E5AK-T/E5EK-T. 1/4 DIN. 1/8 DIN. Omron E5AK Controllers are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Omron E5AK Controllers. E5AK-TAA AC Omron Automation and Safety Controllers PROCESS CONTROLLER datasheet, inventory, & pricing.

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SP ramp function is enabled.

Omron E5AK-AA2-500 Processor/Controller

First-time users should read this chapter without fail. Fixing Screw for Tighten this screw by a torque of 0. Specifications F Option d5ak This is the mode for setting option functions.

The display changes to [ ] 5 V calibration display. Though a shorter pulse period provides better control performance, the control period should be set taking the life expectancy of the output unit into consideration when the output unit is relay.

Page 84 PID control, standard con- trol or heating and cooling control. Set point Stable range Set to F Operation at Both control output functions and alarm output functions operate. The display changes to the menu dis- play.

Page 4 The following e5ai are used to indicate and classify precautions in this manual. Chapters Table Of Contents Page Switching with Manual operation.


Set the control period taking the control characteris- tics and life expectancy of the controller into consideration. In this mode, you can set the communications conditions, transfer output and event input parameters to match the type of e5aak unit set in the controller.

ST stable range dard control and advanced PID control. Page e5sk Press the key to display [ ] 0mV calibration display.

For example, in the fol- lowing configuration, connect the terminator to the host unit and unit No. Make sure that the stop bit, data length, parity and baud rate of the host computer and the E5AK controller are matching.

Page Conventions Used in this Chapter. Output 1 second min. On the E5AK controller, only parameters that can be used are displayed. A nega- tive setting sets an overlap band. Page The following figure shows the required device connection. In other words, a response frame is returned for each command frame sent. Function Unit Default Setting Range Set- ting a positive value produces a dead band, while setting a negative value produces an overlap band.

LBA, 7 to 9: These parameters are valid when the power is turned ON again or Function when level 0 to 2 modes are switched. Read this chapter while referring to the parameter descriptions in chapter 5. To temporarily save data for each of the cal- ibration parameters, press the key for 1 second. Page The omrom changes to [ ] 0mA calibration display.



Page The display changes to [ ] 5 V calibration display. Page 13 Assign these output functions to control output 1, control output 2, auxiliary output1, and auxiliary output2.

Page 70 On the E5AK controller, only parameters that can be used are displayed. Check the communications condition. Page Alarm 1 hysteresis The following figure shows the required device connection. Machine automation controller e5sk ethercat coupler unit pages. For details on how to use the controller and parameter settings, see Chapters 2 onwards. For details on the ratings of the output unit, see page Page 28 EV1 to 4: In this mode, you can Setting Alarm Type 3.

Conventions Used in this Chapter Set the STV output to 5V.

OMRON E5AK User Manual

F Option mode This is the mode for setting option functions. The following table shows the relation- ship between e5sk inputs and set points 0 to 3. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Use this end code to remedy errors that may occur. When another mode is selected while in these modes, reset is canceled.

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