Official Journal of the European Union. EN. Only the original UN/ECE texts have legal effect under international public law. The status and date. Regulation No 46 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) — Uniform provisions concerning the approval of devices for indirect. [ECE-R46 Uniform provisions concerning the approval of rear-view mirrors and of motor vehicles with regard to the installation of rear-view mirrors, MOD].

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Optical or spatial isolation between camera and monitor display environment 7: Unless otherwise provided in this Regulation, the requirements given in Paragraph The reflecting surface is made of safety glass.

Interior mirrors — Test 1: The Parties to the Agreement applying this Regulation shall communicate to the United Nations Secretariat the names and addresses of the Technical Services responsible for conducting approval tests and of the Administrative Departments which grant approval and to which forms certifying approval or refusal or extension or withdrawal of approval, issued in other countries, are to be sent.

System Latency A CMS shall have a sufficient short latency to render the scenery nearly at the same time. These mirrors shall not, however, be mounted on vehicles the cab height of which is such as to prevent compliance with this requirement.

The impact must be such that the hammer strikes the mirror on the side opposite to the reflecting surface. For chassis with bodywork: Devices for indirect vision shall be so placed that the driver, when sitting on the driving seat in a normal driving position, has a clear view of the road to the rear, side s or front of the vehicle.

Critical perception is reached when the critical object diameter equals two times the width of the triangle at threshold size. However, breakage of the reflecting surface will be allowed if one of the following conditions is fulfilled: It is permissible for small splinters to become detached from the surface of the glass at the point of impact; 6.


The following measurement procedure applies: Smear Amber, blue and red light signals shall be distinguishable from each other. Camera-monitor Systems The requirements of Paragraph 6. Extension When particulars recorded in the information folder have changed and the Type Approval Authority considers that the modifications made are unlikely to have an appreciable adverse effect, and that in any case the vehicle still complies with the requirements, the modification shall be designated a “revision”.

The monitor shall render a minimum contrast under various light conditions as specified by ISO Where a single Class III or VII rear-view mirror is fitted this shall be located on the left hand side of the vehicle in those countries where the traffic drives on the right and on the right hand side of the vehicle in those countries where the traffic drives on the left. Determination of the Detection Distance 1.

Brigade helps you to achieve R The T-bar must therefore be restrained by applying an appropriate lateral load during the rocking motions.

Devices for Indirect Vision – ppt video online download

Bending test on ec protective housing attached to the stem Class VII. OJ L If the seats in the same row can be regarded as similar bench seat, identical seats, etc.

When an integrating sphere is fce in the receiver, the interior surface of the sphere shall be coated with a matt diffusive spectrally non-selective white coating. When an integrating sphere is used in the receiver, the interior surface of the sphere shall be coated with a matt diffusive spectrally non-selective white coating.

Further image quality requirements 6.

Computer Graphics Lighting Jinxiang Chai. The centre of the segment joining the two ocular points is in a vertical longitudinal plane which must pass through the centre rr46 the driver’s designated seating position, as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

The value of the maximum mounting height ecr different for different viewing distances as the displayed object size varies with the mounting height.

A vehicle representative of the vehicle type to be approved shall be submitted to the Technical Service responsible for conducting the approval tests.

Number of report issued by that Service: Optional no requirements for the field of view. Our fast and easy means of purchasing up-to-date global vehicle and component standards and regulations on a pay-as-you-go basis.


InterRegs: Regulation No. | ECE – United Nations

The apparatus shall consist of a light source, a holder for the test sample, a receiver unit with a photodetector and an indicating meter see Figure 1and means of eliminating the effects of extraneous light. Trade name or mark of mirrors and supplementary devices for indirect vision and component type-approval eve Twitter Linked In Facebook Email.

The centre of percussion of the pendulum coincides with the centre of the sphere, which forms the hammer. Main exterior rear-view mirrors Class III Lower leg segments are connected to the seat pan assembly at the T-bar joining the knees, which is a lateral extension of the adjustable thigh bar. Use the Advanced search. Care shall be exercised in holding the T-bar and rocking the 3-D H machine to ensure that no inadvertent exterior loads are applied in a vertical or fore-and-aft direction.

Brigade helps you to achieve R46

The device shall perceive the visual spectrum and shall always render this image r6 the need for interpretation into the visual spectrum. Magnification and Resolution The definition of D is given in the ISO Vehicles may be equipped with additional devices for indirect vision. It is determined by the dimensions of the field of vision and the field of view of the camera.

Location of that marking: Revision and, if applicable, the procedure contained in Paragraph 7. Range of vehicle dimensions overall: The Competent Authority shall verify the existence of satisfactory arrangements for ensuring effective checks on conformity of production before type-approval is granted.

Explanation of the warning strategy and the safety concept, as defined by the manufacturer, covering at least the list of failures of paragraph 2. Ecw, owing to the size of the reflecting surface, it is impossible to obtain measurements in the directions defined in Paragraph 2.