Ekadasi is a wonderful opportunity for all spiritual practitioners to intensify their devotional service and eka dasyam na bhunjita vratam etad dhih vaisnavam. ‘Ekādaśī’ (ekāhdaśī, “Eleven”) (Sanskrit: एकादशी, Kannada: ಏಕಾದಶಿ, Tamil: ஏகாதசி, Bengali: একাদশী, Telugu: ఏకాదశి, Malayalam: ഏകാദശി) also. Vaikunta Ekadasi vrata puja procedure or pooja vidhanam is explained here. Similar to other Ekadasi vratham, observing fast (upavasam), Mauna Vratham ( remain how to perform ekadasi vratham procedure in telugu.

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The fast is broken on the next day called as Dwadasi i. Pray or meditate for few minutes. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Bhagavatam Krishna Tatvam Kanaka Dhara Stotram 19 parts.

How to do Upavaasam

Devi Bhagavatham 16 parts. Sri Ekadasi — the sweet taste of this delightfully dulcet day can be experienced by all who learn how to float on it’s gently undulating ripples of love. No one noticed until too late. The Ekadasi vrata or relugu is an extremely important aspect of devotional life.

Ekadashi day is meant for fasting and people observe a complete fast on this day, to please Lord Maha Vishnu. If the day starts after the Arunodaya Viddhi it is considered impure and the fast is observed the following day Dwadasi, when this happens the two days are sort of synergised and the Dwadasi is eekadasi Mahadwadasi. The latter one on which he woke up from sleep came to be called as Prabodhini Ekadashi. Introduction to Ekadashi Ekadashi. When all the gods approached Lord Vishnu, he waged a war against the demon and after a long time, conquered him and rescued telugj Vedas.


This practice is classified by moderation.

Aquarius Traits and Personality Prediction. Ayurvedic Treatment for Acidity. Times Point Know more. Sri Vasavi Matha Vaibhavamu Sri Vishnusahasranama Stotra Prasasthyam.

Ekadasi Vratham – Bhagavath Geetha Prachara Yagnam – Mathaji Talk Telugu |

The general import is to eat only as much as absolutely required and chant as much as possible. How to do the vrat On the day of Prabodhini Ekadashi, the devotee wakes up early in the morning and takes a holy bath.

By using telugk site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In fact this is said to be the most beneficial among all the Ekadashis. Ekadasi is another form of Krishna Prasad and just as a child may in later life develop taste for items previously abhorred, we can perhaps keep an open mind that ‘maybe Ekadasi is for me after all.

Tekugu bath and pujas are performed to Lord Vishnu and then the devotee makes the offerings to be distributed to the devotees.

This last leg of the fast is a very potent time, the devotee chants his rounds and meditates “off” the bodily platform. Lalitha Sahasra Namam parts. Fasting does not simply refer to total negation.

This year, Nirjala Ekadashi falls on June 23, and the fast ends on June 24, When we do Upavasam, all we are doing is, giving lot of trouble to Body, and intentionally reminding God all day, so that when actual time comes near deathwe still remember what to speak as final words. Sai Charitra 26 parts. Ok, Upavasam is not just about food.

Introduction to Ekadashi, Ekadashi Fasting, Story of Ekadashi fasting. | Hare Krishna Calendar

Out of all, Ashada sudda ekadasi is very important one and this is called as Pradaikadasi. Karana is half of a tithi. The science of calculating when Ekadasi begins is complicated and obviously only a very slight insight is given here. Vaggeyakara Vaibhavam 13 parts.


The fasting is broken on the next day Dwadashi or the twelfth day of the lunar month after once again repeating the puja and partaking Tulsi water to conclude the fasting. This telgu a fan site of Brahmasri Chaganti Koteswara Rao garu. Further optimization for faster website responsiveness.

Ekadasi Vratham – Bhagavath Geetha Prachara Yagnam – Mathaji Talk Telugu

This is an important point that should be taken to heart. Ekadasi occurs twice in a month one of the 11th day of shukla paksha and another one on the 11th day of krishna paksha. The Krishna consciousness movement is therefore a boon to philosophers, religionists and people in general.

His consort goddess Lakshmi brought this to the attention of Lord Vishnu and asked for a remedy. Srila Prabhupada would often perform half-day fasts simply breakfasting at noon-time. Sampoorna Sri Ramayanam The real punya or vrafham of Ekadasi are sva-kathah Krishnah punya-sravana-kirtanah — properly hearing and chanting Krishna’s messages which are in themselves virtuous.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. They spend the whole night at Vishnu temples or by singing prayers or listening stories dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

This breaking fast on the 12th day is known as ParaNai. The 24 Ekadasi days are: At the time of breaking one will feel ecstatic at having made it through the full period successfully, all the more so when the break is nicely controlled.

Meenakshi Pancharatnamulu 5 parts.