As a child, Elias Chacour lived in a small Palestinian village in Galilee. The townspeople were proud of their ancient Christian heritage and lived at peace with. Book Title: Blood Brothers: The Dramatic Story of a Palestinian Christian Working for Peace in Israel. Author: Elias Chacour and David Hazard. Elias Chacour enjoyed a simple childhood in Biram, a small village in Galilee. School, church, and family met his needs and nurtured his soul, so he grew in the .

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No eBook available Amazon. Upon ordination, he was assigned a dying church in the factious village of Cnacour and was forced to confront his own “demons” as he fought to unify its people. But the book’s true gem of stamina is its special spiritual focus on reflecting the light of Christ in a dark place, and it is this quality that ensures its being a timeless treasure for believers no matter the headlines.

Then came the Holocaust, when many western nations refused to take in Jewish refugees. Follow Us on Facebook. Then I was saddened to read that he recently Jan. Chacour grows from being a child during the Nakba to a coming of age during the settler colonialism period that followed. After being flias, he was assigned to a church that was dying. The original high school has expanded considerably and now includes a kindergarten, primary school, high school and gifted program.

I found his story inspirational, particularly in terms of dealing with those we sometimes view as “enemies”. Of course, it was not the most entertaining book, it was boring at times, but when I read of the diffic Ok, this actually was a really good book. She accused him and all Americans of knowing about these daily abuses against Palestinians but not caring, and even supporting the conservative Israeli forces that sponsor these acts. So many seemed to think that submitting to humiliation was the only Christian alternative.

I really enjoyed this book! God called on Btothers to bring peace between Arabs and Jews. Until a few years ago, I only knew one side of the Palestine-Israel story.


This is one man’s story about living and working in that tiny state along the Mediterranean. It means that we show mercy to our enemies and those who slander us. Archived from the original on The content of the book and the details about Chacour’s life are fascinating, but the actual writing of the book is just not that great.

Truman had a different plan. Chosen Books- Arab-Israeli conflict – pages.

Blood Brothers by Elias Chacour

I don’t know very much about the Middle East, and to be honest, even after many, many explanations, by many, many different people and books, I have had a hard time understanding why peace isn’t easier to foster in those nations.

Oct 10, John. At sixty-five years of age my ambition was to dedicate the rest of my life to prayer, reading and writing, but like Paul on the way to Damascus the Lord seems to tell me that he is the one in control.

What is so striking to me is the absence of a balanced view of the Israeli Palestinian conflict in what we Americans have been told over the last several decades by our government and the press. Given the Palestinian apartheid and unfair treatment they have received, it’s understandable why they would want to protest. Sulpice Seminary in Paris. This book was written based on the life of Elias Chacour. It is hard to write about this subject without being drawn to take a angry stand on one side or the other.

You who live in the United States, if you are pro-Israel, on behalf of the Palestinian children I call unto you: News in the Wind. Oct 10, Eours rated it liked it. As a result, quotes might not be exact. Chacour dedicated his life to building peace among nations and religions, even though his life and his family’s was upended by the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Elias Chacour

All of these are detrimental to our relationship with God and others. Ten will give a lecture analyzing what the three are doing. View the Study Pack. This was one of the reasons I found the book interesting and was able to read it all the way through.

I you would like to learn more on broters history of Israel and Palestine, or you just like an inspiring true story then you may enjoy this book. They get the job but alas the pay is not enough to sustain the family so Elias is sent to an orphanage in the hope that he will be able to have a better life.


Chacour came to the village of Ibillin in the Galilee as a young priest in Fantasy written in page-turner thriller style.

Blood Brothers – Elias Chacour | Not Always On

In recognition of his humanitarian efforts he has received honors including the World Methodist Peace Award, the Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneurthe Peacemakers in Action Award from the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understandingand the Niwano Peace Prize Japan as well as honorary doctorates from five universities including Duke and Emory.

I am your servant to continue the ministry of reconciliation and to proclaim more forcefully the Good News about the Empty Tomb and the Risen Lord. I thought educating myself would be a nice way to honor that tragedy and every tragedy that’s followed. Eliias Jesus we often follow is not the Jesus found in the Gospels, that preached the Sermon on the Mount.

Blood Brothers

Elias was put in an orphanages to be better educated and really just to have a better life. Chacour does not blame the terrified masses of Jewish immigrants who fled to Palestine. A few months ago, we discussed Blood Brothers at our church book group, and we had two special guests: He grew up having a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and often went of spiritual walks with Him.

His search for a life ministry took Chacour to the small village of Ibillin. We must forgive those who have made themselves our enemies for that is what Jesus did. InPalestinian leaders called for a general strike, as they were losing power over their own homeland

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