Engelbart: “Augmenting Human Intellect”. “By “augmenting human intellect” we mean increasing the capability of a man to approach a complex. C. Engelbart, and William K. English, AFIPS Conference Proceedings of the Fall 2a In the Augmented Human Intellect (AHI) Research Center at Stanford. Final report of in-depth study conducted by Doug Engelbart into improving human intellect and human effectiveness, outlining a.

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And there is provision for direct entry. It would be to ignore the emphases of our own conceptual framework not to make fullest use of any theory that provided a working explanation for a group of empirical data. The purposes of this paper are to present the concept and, hopefully, to foster the development of man-computer symbiosis by analyzing some problems of interaction between men and computing machines, calling attention to applicable principles of man-machine engineering, and pointing out a few questions to which research answers are needed.

All of this information the auvmenting design and its associated “thought structure” can be stored on a tape to represent the design manual for the building. By also intellsct on the repertoire hierarchy as an important object of study, we are alerted to the fact that even a tiny change to basic capabilities may propagate through the repertoire hierarchy to cause major changes in effective intellect.

Augmenting intellect with paper and pencil What is x ? This view increases our respect for the essential importance of the basic capability of composing and modifying efficient symbol structures.

In fact, this structuring has immensely greater potential for accurately mapping a complex concept structure than does a structure an individual humman find it practical to construct or use on paper. These new concepts and processes, beyond our present capabilities to use and thus never developed, will provide a tremendous increased-capability payoff in the future development of our augmentation means.

Also, the effort in doing calculations and writing down extensive and carefully reasoned argument would dampen individual experimentation with sophisticated new concepts, to lower the rate of learning and the rate of useful output, and perhaps to discourage a good many people from even working at extending understanding.

Scrivener’s division into research and draft is only a small addition to the basic capabilities.

Intelligence amplification

Examples of systems for structuring symbols: According to the title of his essay the goal of Engelbart technologies offers to them for menage the problems related to the is the creation of a system that can be useful for augmenting professional tasks. He is best known engebart inventing the ‘mouse’ and other fucused his attention of the computer aided working system.


What makes a new symbol particularly powerful? Retrieved from ” https: Finally he has the “clerk” combine all of these sequences of activity to indicate spots where traffic is heavy in the building, or where congestion might occur, and to determine what the severest drain on the utilities is likely to be. If the tangle of thoughts represented by the draft became too complex, you would compile a reordered draft quickly.

In the model using a network of contractors, this type of procedure would entail a great deal of extra work within the superstructure—each contractor involved in the process would have the specifications upon which he bid continually changed, and would continually have to respond to the changes by restudying the situation, changing his plans, changing the specifications to his subcontractors, and changing his records.

Engelbart: “Augmenting Human Intellect”

This paper hjman also seen by some historians as marking the genesis of ideas about computer networks which later blossomed into the Internet. The picture of how one can view the possibilities for a systematic approach to increasing human intellectual effectiveness, as put forth in Section II in the sober and general terms of an initial basic analysis, does not seem to convey all of augmenfing richness and promise that was stimulated by the development of that picture.

The elements that are organized to give fixed structural form to our physical objects—e.

Also, the kind of generous flexibility that would be truly helpful calls for added symbol structuring just to keep track of the trials, branches, and reasoning thereto that are involved in the development of the subject structure; our present symbol-manipulation means would very soon bog down completely among the complexities that are involved in being more than just a little bit flexible.

For society through it. It would be practical for you to accommodate more complexity in the trails of thought you might build in search of the path that suits your needs. In this particular case, no existing analytic theory is by itself adequate for the purpose of analyzing and evaluating over-all system performance; pursuit of an improved system thus demands the use of experimental methods.


This type of compounding is related to the reverberating waves of change discussed in Section II-A. He suggests that new notation for our verbal symbols perhaps binary could allow character recognition devices to help even further in the information-manipulation area, and also points out that poor symbolism ” We have seen how the capability for mental structuring is finally dependent, down the chain, upon the process structuring human, artifact, composite that enables symbol-structure manipulation.

Being able to extend the finger a certain distance would be basic but the strength and speed of a particular finger motion and its coordination with higher actions generally are usefully changeable and therefore do not represent basic capabilities. Actually, each of the social, life, or physical phenomena we observe about us would seem to derive from a supporting hierarchy of organized functions or processesin which the synergistic principle gives increased phenomenological sophistication to each succeedingly higher level of organization.

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In really complex situations, comprehension and intellech solutions do not stand waiting at the end of a straightforward path; instead, possibilities open up and plans shift as comprehension grows. When he has finished, the revised scene appears on the screen. Exchange across this “interface” occurs when an explicit-human process is coupled to an explicit-artifact process. When Engelbart state a framework that is not only a simply research report but a wrote this paper he felt the urgency to find a way to help people humman vision of the future.

Many of the process structures are applied to the eengelbart of organizing, executing, supervising, and evaluating other process structures. With the brick pencil, we are slower and less precise. The other important part of our “language” is the way in which concepts are represented—the symbols and symbol structures.

Anything that might have so general an effect upon our mental actions as is implied here, is certainly a candidate for ultimate consideration in the continuing development of our intellectual effectiveness.

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