The Nikopol Trilogy has ratings and 73 reviews. J.G. Keely said: There’s something so indulgent about French stories, which is at the same time the. What begins as a futuristic fish-out-of-water story metamorphoses—through Enki Bilal’s gritty illustrations and masterful use of the cinematic and. The son of a Bosnian father and a Czech mother, Enki Bilal spent his Alcide Nikopol is a man who fell to earth, after orbiting in suspended.

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Against a shattered dystopian background reeking of moral corruption and the rapid environmental death of the planet, all four nikkpol threaded into a canvas of subverted identities and deconstructed histories.

There is also a dark, absurdist humour, from the freakish make-up of politicians and the stripped alien cat Gogol to the nikopo, chess-boxing championships. Didn’t enjoy this one quite as much as the previous story, but it has its moments, continues the great art and satire and I love the character of Jill. I don’t think you should have to work so hard to try and find redeeming qualities about something, to me, this was simply not good.

It was a surprise.

The Nikopol Trilogy

Strange Horizons is a weekly magazine of and about speculative fiction. Newsletter Mailing list sign-up: Each panel is exquisitely detailed, encouraging a pleasurably slow reading process.

InFarrago’s Wainscot is serializing his hypertext novel. My Suggested Reading In Comics This storytelling style will, unsurprisingly, be a turn-off to many readers. Deveria ser exposto em tamanho natural para que todos pudessem ler. Struggling to retain his free will, Nikopol finds himself swept into the physical and political violence of a world he no longer knows.

How do all of these seemingly unrelated things come together? The first chapter is entitled The Carnival of Immortalsand introduces us to a France overtaken by a regressive fascist regime in negotiations with the gods of the Egyptian pantheon.


Works by Enki Bilal. Critics of Graphic Literature. In the meantime, the planet has suffered two nuclear wars, and France is ruled by the ruthless dictator J. Hardcoverpages. The Nikopol Trilogy follows four characters: Horus, the renegade falcon god, takes possession of Nikopol’s body, rendering him immortal, and concocts a conspiracy to overthrow the Choublanc regime.

Jean Michek rated it liked it Oct 19, Splendide le illustrazioni, splendido il taglio quasi cinematografico dato all’opera, sceneggiatura originalissima, dialoghi Indiscutibile capolavoro. Featured Interviews Columns Sponsored Reviews. Sometimes, I think it’s a problem of translation, and this translation is so unusually literal from the French, as if it were meant for primary English readers who understand the French language and culture, but who are unable to read in the language on their own.

The Nikopol Trilogy by Enki Bilal

Then again, they are both familiar with the same Western traditions I am, so perhaps it’s an easier shift. The tale is a unique mix of science fiction, anxiety, humor, and strangeness from Billal premier comics creator, Enki Bilal. A spiritual cousin to The Ebki but from a grimier, more pessimistic perspective.

I still loved it now that I reread the original French edition. Solche Prophezeiungen gibt es immer wieder; selten genug bewahrheiten sie sich.

Nikopol had been cryogenically frozen 30 years previously for committing crimes against the state – his crypod falls to earth and his leg shatters. No trivia or quizzes yet.

There is even order in chaos, an order which Horus himself admits to bilsl to understand. Between engaging in indulgence and mocking indulgence, we get some fun, ironical, self-aware amusement, but there isn’t a very strong plot to hang it all on.


Feb 25, J. A Recipe for Disaster, Peony [ They lilt along, laughing and provoking, never shying away, but there is also bilap lack of self-editing there that tends to leave them a bit silly and unfocused. Then again, they are both familiar with the same Western traditions I am, so perhaps it’s an easier shift. Nikopol discovers that his wifenow dead, had a son, now the same age as him and virtually his twin. Interesting in some ways, disturbing in others.

Jul 13, Tibor Konig rated it it was amazing. When Nikopol cracks under the pressure bilak Horus’s possession, he is reduced to muttering the poetry of Baudelaire while he wanders the halls of a mental hospital.

The Nikopol Trilogy by Enki Bilal | Portland Book Review

Mani Podcast read by: To ask other readers questions about The Nikopol Trilogyplease sign up. Bilal made his greatest break-through in comics when he went solo on his first full-length graphic novel Gods In Chaos in When bklal were blue or green, it wasn’t a mood choice, just some aliens. He has works in progress and is a member of the Misfit Library.

I know a lot of people rave about it and say you need to find meaning and work at it to see the brilliance but it is not for me. This one also invents Chessboxing which has gone on bilap become a very real sport.

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