Scientific Name, Epinotia aporema [TAX]. Lineage, cellular organisms; Eukaryota; Opisthokonta; Metazoa; Eumetazoa; Bilateria; Protostomia;. Epinotia aporema granulovirus (EpapGV) is a fast killing betabaculovirus that infects the bean shoot borer (E. aporema) and is a promising. A granulovirus (GV) isolated from Epinotia aporema (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)—a major soybean pest—was studied in terms of its main.

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Our data will be used to optimize the collection of female sex pheromones for chemical characterization in order to develop a monitoring tool for this pest. Indeed, courtship in C. Larval feeding leads to reduced plant height, drying of terminal shoots, a decrease in lower pod insertion, and damage to flowers, all of which can result in reduced yields in soybean and other crops. No courtship behaviour was observed when the males reached the mesh that separated the olfactometer from the tube holding the calling female.

An immunochemical method for quantitation of Epinotia aporema granulovirus EpapGV. In soybean, the larvae feed on vegetative plant parts affecting the normal growth of the plant. Prior to mating, a sequence of events was observed in which the quiescent male responded sporema the calling female by approaching her while fanning his wings in the upright position, male and female then made contact with their antennae, and immediately turned to engage in mating Fig 4.


Virgin adults were obtained by separating male and female pupae. Our basic findings concerning the mating behaviour apkrema C. Both males and females increase their flight activity upon the onset of the scotophase, and quickly return to quiescence at the beginning of the photophase. Females adopted a characteristic calling posture, extruding the pheromone gland from the tip of the abdomen. The males moved considerably within the olfactometer during the min observation period, entering several times in both arms.

Epinotia aporema granulovirus

Sex Pheromone of the Bud Borer Epinotia aporema: Five specimens were collected in Brownsville, Texas in and possibly others in New York, Academic Press, p. Tortricidae in La Plata, Argentina. The first step in order to develop a pheromone-based monitoring tool for C. The bean shoot borer, Epinotia aporema Lep. Chemical communication, sex pheromone, calling periodicity, Y-olfactometer test.

Our results describe for the fi rst time the temporal pattern associated to the reproductive behaviour of C. Lista anotada de especies.

No pulsation of the gland or obvious wing fluttering was observed. In the case of C.

Female calling and mating was observed during the scotophase, from the first to the seventh night after adult emergence. The mating behaviour epihotia two allopatric populations Uruguay and Brazil of C. However, most virgin females called within 48h of age, and mating soon followed, suggesting that C.

Epinotia aporema

The olfactometer was an all-glass Y-maze with equal arms 17 cm long, 3 cm diameter. Effects of different host-plant species on growth, development and feeding of the bud borer, Epinotia aporema Lepidoptera: The Brazilian culture was obtained from individuals collected in Fazenda Rio Grande Parana and the Uruguayan insects were originally collected in La Estanzuela Colonia. Crocidosema aporema is distributed throughout Central and South America.


This underlines the importance epinotka an adequate monitoring system for this species, currently performed by direct observation of the cryptic larvae.

Adult Recognition

Distribution Crocidosema aporema is distributed throughout Central and South America. Tortricids of Agricultural Importance by Todd M.

Chemical Identification and Male Behavioral Response. Crocidosema aporema Walsingham is a major pest of legumes in the southern cone of Latin America. Multiplex PCR and quality control of Epinotia aporema granulovirus production.

Bol Univ Repub Fac Agron Females were kept individually throughout the experiment in covered, transparent plastic containers 10 cm high, 7 cm diameter.

Most females started calling epinotiaa the second scotophase, and all females called from the third, between the fifth and seventh hours after the onset of the scotophase.

Our results show that even in the constant presence of a male during several nights, mated females did not tend to re-mate, which differs from other tortricid females that mate repeatedly Knight

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